Vendetta Online 1.8.465-466

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VO 1.8.466 includes: - Added option to show player guild tags in chat. It is disabled by default and can be changed in Options -> Interface -> Show Guild Tag in Chat Log.- Added option to colorize sectors that have notes applied to them in the navigation menu. It is enabled by default and can be changed in Options -> Interface -> Colorize Sectors with Notes in Navigation Menu. The options are in Options -> Advanced -> Interface for mobile devices.VO 1.8.465 included:- Fixed an issue with decreased mouse aiming speed when mouse-look is off on Windows, Mac and Linux.Other announcements are in the works, please stay tuned!
Vendetta Online July 21st 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.464

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VO 1.8.464 includes:- Keychains are now sorted with active keys first.- Inactive key descriptions are now a darker color.- When given an access key, the description of the key is now displayed in the text notification.- Removed In-App Recurring Subscription choices from Gear VR and Oculus Go version.- Players who spend a great deal of time docked in a station may find their sector visibility decreases while docked. This can then be reversed through regular gameplay.Lots of other development on-going, which hopefully we can start to publicly discuss before long. Have a great weekend everyone!
Vendetta Online June 30th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.458-463

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E3 chaos and other distractions have deferred our recent news posts, here's a recap of the May and June releases, starting with 463 (released last night):VO 1.8.463 includes:- Improved XBox One S gamepad support for Android.- Improved deadzone calculation of gamepads on Android.- Improved UX when a gamepad is detected during play on all Android VR platforms.- The 'A' button on gamepads and the Fire button on other joysticks can now be configured through the Options -> Keyboard menu on Android.- Increased detail of asteroids on Oculus Go.- Improved multi-threaded performance.- Removed response message from group invites, to eliminate information-leak about whether a player is currently on or offline.VO 1.8.462.2- More updates for Oculus Go.VO 1.8.462-462.1- Changed the Pirate Trident drop rate of FCP and FFSA to a 50% and a 25% chance respectively.- Added paint overlays for Pirate Trident and Assassin fighters.- Added Camo overlays on some military-role ships.- Added support for Oculus Go (requires Oculus Store App update).VO 1.8.461- Pressing Esc/Back now closes the maximized chat menu.- Fixed specular lighting issue on cockpit for Android VR.VO 1.8.460- Increased capship turret firing arc to 180 degrees side to side.- Fixed issue with capship turrets firing in the wrong direction.VO 1.8.459- The Corvus Greyhound Camo Edition (LTS reward) is now only available in Odia, like the other Greyhound ships.- Fixed issue with Controls menu buttons going off the bottom of the screen on mobile.- Fixed issue with missile-based turret weapon explosions not causing damage under certain conditions.- Fixed sector crash under certain conditions.VO 1.8.458- Added support for 6DOF Daydream VR headsets.- Fixed issue with hand controller position when looking backwards in Daydream VR.
Vendetta Online June 23rd 2018

Buying/Selling of Game Items: Clarification of the EULA.

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Section 9 of the Vendetta Online "End User License Agreement" states:"You may not buy, sell or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) any Game characters, items, coin or copyrighted material."Obviously, the point of this is to dissuade the usage of real-world money (or monetary items) to purchase in-game content (ships, addons, characters) or currency (credits). One of the goals is to mitigate "pay to win" scenarios, where people are able to pay to find a short-cut to a challenging gameplay goal, like constructing a capital ship.The other major reason is the amount of administrative overhead that is created by these situations like this that go awry. People complain because they feel (understandably) that the value of their game effort is de-valued by the "pay to win" offers made by others. Or, worse, if exchanges like this go awry, people end up coming to us, angry that some player took their money and didn't give them their illicitly-purchased item. This stuff is bad enough when it's just people arguing over in-game credits, let alone involving real money.Lastly, there's also a negative impact on the game environment as a whole. We recently had to take action against someone who was badgering people with offers to sell them in-game items for real-world money. Previously, I've had to take action for people spamming offers of subscription keys in exchange for goods. Both cases are bad for the game environment, and no, the fact that someone uses subscription keys (or liveries, or other VO purchasable goods) does not mitigate the fact that this activity is banned by the EULA.So, just by way of a reminder, I would like to clarify this issue:1) Buying/Selling of in-game items for out-of-game currency or cash-backed goods (like sub keys) is not allowed, and may result in banning.2) No, it doesn't matter if you conduct your trades on Discord, or some other forum somewhere, because people still get upset and we still end up hearing about it.3) At the very least, there's a good chance that real-world "purchased" content may be revoked. So, as you pay someone a bunch of dollars for that capital ship, keep in mind that it may suddenly vaporize at any time. We have logs for years..4) Buying the goods is just as bannable an offense as selling the goods.5) Guilds whose leadership specifically fosters this kind of activity, may have action taken against the guild itself.Now, people will raise a couple of points in relation to the above, which I'll try to address here:- "But if we're using sub keys, you make money! It's good for VO!" No, the tiny amount of revenue generated from sub keys for this kind of activity, does not remotely offset the time and effort required for the administrative complaints that often result from it. - "People are doing it anyway! You should enable it!" Maybe someday, but not at this time. As people know, I'm not opposed
Vendetta Online May 1st 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.457

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VO 1.8.457 includes:- Fixed issues causing the game to freeze on the Oculus Rift and in Simulated VR Mode.- Fixed bug causing classic DirectInput flight-sticks to be improperly recognized and configured as gamepads on Windows.- DirectInput flight-stick buttons are now named by button number, instead of by gamepad-style concepts.- Chord button combinations will no longer be bound by default for DirectInput joysticks. This should not impact most gamepads, which use Xinput instead of DirectInput.- Added a new default control layout for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick.Hopefully some more joystick and other improvements coming soon, as we continue to clean up the PC version in advance of a Steam launch. Enjoy!
Vendetta Online April 29th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.456

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- Pirate Clan Tridents will now drop items on destruction. Some common items will appear frequently, but occasionally you may see capital ship parts drop as well (FCP, FFSA, and even more valuable items).- Fixed broken skybox issue with Low and Medium background settings.Notably, the probabilities for capship component drops are all calculated separately per-item, so it's entirely possible that you could have several high-value drops happen at the same time. However, this probably won't happen very often.More improvements to the game next week, and some possible announcements. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Vendetta Online April 21st 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.455

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VO 1.8.455 includes:- Increased the default dead-zone of the analog triggers on gamepads, to reduce "spinning" issues with flawed hardware.- Fixed an issue with the 7-day guild disband timer not being cancelled under certain conditions.- Fixed a recent bug with stats tracking of currently active players.- Other server improvements and bugfixes to non-player-visible issues.Lots of other development in the background that's not yet ready for release. Also, another Newsletter is due in the near future. Stay tuned!
Vendetta Online April 14th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.452-454

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VO 1.8.454 (tonight) includes the following:- Pirate Clans now respawn 8-16 hours after their destruction.- Added debris and hulks to the Pirate Clan capship sector.- Added ability to double-tap a sector in the navmenu to add notes, for gamepads and mobile devices.- Fixed Trident hulk material on PC.Earlier recent updates included:VO 1.8.453:- Turret ports are no longer show Multi-Aim reticles.- Added name tab-completion to these menus: Gunner Invite/Accept, Give Access Key, Buddy Invite/Accept, Group Invite/Join, Ignore Player.VO 1.8.452:- New first-generation implementation of NPC-based Pirate Clans. Every few days, one clan may spawn in a deep Grayspace system and invade the wormhole sectors of that system with aggressive pirates. If an individual NPC pirate ship is damaged over 70% (but survives), it may then be followed back to another empty sector, where their capship hideout may be discovered. Destruction of their capship hideout will then result in all pirates leaving the system. A few days later, the process may start again in a new location. This is only the most basic framework implementation, but will eventually lead to more progression, like badges, bounty hunting of specific pirate clans, conflicts with the Hive and minor Factions, rare drops, as well as Clans gaining strength over time and becoming a greater threat to the region if their hideout is not dispatched. Stay tuned!- Fixed issue with the Gamepad menu buttons not being visible on devices with aspect ratios wider than 16:9.
Vendetta Online April 7th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.451

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VO 1.8.451 includes:- Fixed issue with dynamic shadows not rendering properly on Windows.- Guild commanders can now appoint lieutenants if they are not logged in.- Guild members are now notified at login of any guild actions taken on their character while they were not logged in.A few more small changes and improvements, as we work towards some larger developments in the background. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Vendetta Online March 10th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.448-450

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VO 1.8.448-450 included:- Integrated ClickCommander plugin and named it MultiClick. It allows commands to be bound to single, double, triple tapping, and holding buttons/keys. A UI to set up various actions is in the Settings -> Controls -> Keyboard tab as a button labeled "MultiClick Settings".- Integrated WeaponSafe plugin as a command called /weaponsafe that effectively deselects weapon groups so fire controls don't do anything. To reemable your weapons, select an existing weapon group.- Integrated the Multi-Aim plugin that adds the option for multiple lead-off reticles, one for each port, up to 5. It can be enabled in Options -> Interface -> HUD Settings.- Added a 'Gunners' tab to the Ship tab that contains UI controls for the /gunner command.- Increased maximum number of Guild Lieutenants to 5.- Fixed spurious "Unable to jettison that type of cargo" message when logging in.- Locust Swarm trails are now red.- Capship Swarm turret trails are now green.- Integrated the Trigger Colors plugin. It is disabled by default. The setting to enable it is in Options -> Interface -> HUD Settings named "Use Weapon Group Trigger Colors". When enabled, the HUD weapon group display highlight is blue if the weapon is connected to Primary Fire, Magenta if it is connected to Secondary Fire, and Yellow if it is connected to Tertiary Fire. If the weapon is connected to more than one trigger, the highlight will be multiple colors to indicate which trigger it is connected to.Over the past month, we've released lots of UI changes and feature additions that had previously been solved by player-created "plugins". This makes the "base" game client more full-featured, and gives new players more direct access to these enhancements. Additionally, when we implement these features directly, they're usually faster and more optimized than the player-created "plugin" version, making a better-performing game for everyone.We are still evaluating the implementation of other plugin features. In some cases, we're considering different ways of storing data, even storing things on the game server, so content like "asteroid prospecting results" might be easily shared across different client logins and platforms. But, all of this has various technical ramifications, so some changes are faster to drop in than others.We're hopeful that we may be able to drop in some newer gameplay content before long, in addition to these features. We've also had a lot of other development in progress over the last few months, which will hopefully be well received when it's able to debut. All of bears directly on our march towards the launch on Steam and beyond. Thanks everyone!
Vendetta Online March 6th 2018