Tweaks and Development Updates

A few small changes have gone into place tonight, including:- Power Cell Baster auto-aim improved from 0.995 to 0.85- Revenant MkI turbo energy drain reduced from 50 to 48These changes are in place now, but will appear in the patch log for the next major release.We've been very busy recently, working through the holidays and the weeks since, to try and finish up some of our technical and engine development.We discussed our goals in the December Newsletter, and we're still pushing hard to make them happen. Some aspects of engine development have taken a bit longer than expected, but the work is going to be really critical for our next-generation content goals, so we're happy to see it moving forward in general. This has impacted delays on rolling Vulkan from Beta into Production, but we're moving as quickly as we can on that.We've also rolled out new server capacity over the last couple of weeks, with the additional systems coming online this past Wednesday. This isn't "cloud" capacity, but rather more of our own "metal" (physical servers). These systems are not intended to run the game itself, but rather to provide better performance, redundancy and security for the website and other services that are needed to keep everything running. This has definitely absorbed some "development" time as well, but it's really important stuff to do; hopefully before an inevitable outage, when it's actually "needed".Work is on-going on policy and NPC tweaks we mentioned in the last Newsletter. There have been some bot invasions into grayspace, as we experiment with the performance impact of larger quantities of enemies. Thus far, the optimizations we've made on the server have been holding up really well.That's all for now. Once the Vulkan updates are shipped, we'll likely make some further announcements, along with an updated newsletter. For now, have a great weekend, everyone!