We have only few rules. Respect those, otherwise you’ll get kicked.


  • NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) Policy in Providence and Empire.
  • No scamming
  • No griefing. That includes no can flipping in High-Sec, no Ninja Salvaging in missions. In 0.0 ask before you salvage.
  • No smacktalk in local.
  • No talk in local when reds around.
  • Dont pay ransom.
  • No whining on forums nor local.
  • Nothing which is against the EULA.


  • first and most important: RL comes first.
  • Only fly what you can afford to loose.
  • Don’t fly shitfitted ships.
  • Feel free to play the game like you want to, as long it doesnt brake one of the rules.
  • Regarding Corp business, the CEO decides. No discussion there.
  • Register ASAP on to the Forums and TS.
  • Set Up your overview as described.

Steel Daggers