Vendetta Online 1.8.590-591

VO 1.8.591 includes (Jan 14th):- Ten all-new custom-made missions.- Fixed Vulkan driver crash on Windows devices that have both Radeon and Nvidia GPUs.- Fixed lighting artifact issue on MacOS OpenGL 4.- New installs from the Mac App Store on Intel macs running MacOS Monterey or newer will default to the Vulkan (Metal) driver with 2 dynamic lights and shadows to reduce stutter. Requires Mac App Store update, pending Apple approval.- Fixed issue with crashes on MacOS Monterey when installed from the Mac App Store. Requires Mac App Store update, pending Apple approval.VO 1.8.590 included (Jan 7th):- Ten new custom-made missions, branching out into different trees.- Added capship 'jettison' command. It jettisons items from the cargo hold, aside from ships in the hangar. It can only be used when the owner is in the same sector as the capship.- Fixed issue with being able to swipe too many times for the Ship Purchase tutorial on Android and iOS.- Fixed issue with custom items, like trophies, becoming blank if dropped by a player's remote capship when it is destroyed.- Fixed issue with the font size of accented letters being too small when using non-English languages.VO 1.8.589 included (Dec 31st):- Ten new custom missions.- Added the ability to change turret loadout during flight, on capships.- Swapping any turret would drop shields for five minutes, and any turret(s) being swapped would be disabled for five minutes from the time of respective swap engagement.- If multiple turrets were being swapped (in succession), the shield-down-timer would reset to 5 minutes from the most recent turret swap.- Turrets and shields are restored when docking to a station.- Turret cannot be swapped if it causes grid usage to exceed availablegrid power.Challenges with MacOS Monterey have apparently been plaguing a lot of games, and ours is no exception. Please continue to report problems on the Bugs forum, and we'll track down or work-around issues as quickly as we can. It is notable that, for the most part, these are "platform" problems (OS and driver bugs), and not actually "game" problems, which can make it a challenge to even figure out why they're happening.. let alone fix them. But, we'll continue to do our best.More fundamental game changes will likely re-appear after we get out from under all the unforeseen "platform-change" bug-fixing. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.