Vendetta Online 1.8.326-327

VO 1.8.326 and 1.8.327 include:- Fixed issue with not being able to type in chat while jumping and warping.- When alt-tabbing out in full screen DirectX 11 mode, alt-tabbing back will return to full screen mode.- The wireframe radar extender effect is now visible in DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.- The Windows executable binaries are now signed with a certificate.- The DirectX 11 version now uses a different shadow technique (Poisson PCF with slope-based depth bias), also implemented across all OpenGL 4 versions.- Very experimental, optional OpenGL 4 driver added to MacOS X. Switching drivers is a little strange, and a full game re-start may be needed to avoid graphics corruption. We're still working on it, this is an optional early-access, use at your own risk.- Fixed the capship shield effect not rendering properly.- The glow effect should now work on the experimental OpenGL 4 driver.- A plugins/ folder is now automatically created on first run for the Android version.- Changed the default active button for the EULA menu.- The 'Play' button is now automatically made the active button when changing characters.- When a menu is closed and it doesn't have active focus, the current active focus control no longer gets unfocused.- Fixed a couple of lua errors.Obviously a lot of changes being made in the past week, as 1.8.326 dropped on Monday, followed by 1.8.327 on Friday. The biggest news here is probably the experimental GL4 driver for the Mac, which will finally bring our new rendering engine across all our major PC platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux).There are still other changes coming to the new rendering engine, before it will be considered "production ready" and actually become the default on supporting hardware. But, we are making good progress, and in the meantime, we greatly appreciate people testing things and reporting any issues via the Bugs forum. The more feedback we get, the more solid the new graphics engine will be.Many other fixes and tweaks in the works, with much more significant gameplay changes intended to follow this period of graphical/engine work. Stay tuned!

Vendetta Online 1.8.325

VO 1.8.325 includes:- Improved experience of using the UI with a gamepad on Android.- Fixed flickering button in touch-hover mode on Android.- The /givemoney command is no longer case sensitive.- Successful /vote mutes now last for two hours.Beyond our release from Sunday night, this actually fixes several additional problems that faced players trying to use a D-pad type gamepad to navigate the game interface. We've improved a lot of the scenarios to make D-pad navigation much easier. There are still some areas that could made better still, but we think those with gamepads will find this helpful. It should be particularly beneficial for those on the FireTV, the NVIDIA Shield, OUYA, GameStick, Moga Pro, upcoming AndroidTV, and other similar hardware.Improved controller support also has long-term benefits for use cases like VR (Vendetta Online being one of the first titles to officially support the Oculus Rift, back in 2013). Playing the game on a mouse and keyboard can be optimal, but tracking key-positions while "blind" (wearing a VR headset) is challenging for a lot of people. To them, it's more accessible to play with a game controller, and a small number of tactile controls that can be trivially identified without looking.

Vendetta Online 1.8.324

VO 1.8.324 includes:- Increased usability of gamepads to navigate through the UI using mostly just the D-Pad and A button. The D-Pad now performs a key repeat for quicker scrolling.- D-Pad Left/Right no longer scrolls up/down. Instead they switch to the previous/next control.- Changed the default mouse-over/focus highlighting of buttons and tabs to be more noticeable.- Reduced the number of votes to mute someone to 10 votes.- Increased sound falloff of new ship and swarm explosions.- Added a reminder that chat channel 1 is only for Help questions and to /join 100 for main chat after every fifth time you chat in channel 1.- Experimentally tweaked Crystal acquisition rates, for upcoming improvements to level caps and other F2P barriers.A whole array of minor gameplay tweaks, intended to improve the game in a number of cases, including Controller Improvements enhance playability on the Amazon FireTV, OUYA, GameStick, and other "10 foot experience" platforms (ie, where you're 10 feet from a TV and only have a game controller). This will also improve upcoming AndroidTV support, as well as gamepad-centric experiences like the Moga Pro and NVIDIA Shield.Beyond this, administrative tweaks to help us manage our growing userbase, as well as some tweaks to Crystal balance. We've been very busy for the last couple of months on rendering updates, you can expect a lot of small changes and adjustments to the free-to-play business model, as we approach our major iOS update (again, those who want to be a part of testing for ios, should check out's all for now, expect more graphics updates, and other tweaks, in the coming week!