VO 1.8.510-513: Sector Conquest, Corporate Sector Run, Badges, more.

We've had quite a few gameplay changes of late, which I'll recap, and then we'll list the standard game patch-logs after that:- Corporate Sector Run: This clasical race through Gray and UIT space has been fully automated, with substantial credit rewards, a trophy, and an automated in-game Newspost discussing the winners and their times. The race happens every Saturday at 4PM Central, 9PM UTC, starting in Odia M14.- Hive Sector Conquest: It's now possible to drive the Hive out of occupied sectors, if player(s) successfully attack and destroy enough Hive vessels in a given sector. There is a Badge progression for driving the Hive from sectors, and this will be an area of future gameplay expansion. Related to this, you can now see the state of Hive conquest in any system with a Hive presence, via the Nav map.- Several new Badges can now be acquired, relating to:NPC Unaligned Pirate killsNPC Pirate Trident killsHive Sector ConquestWatch My Six - Score 50,000 damage in a non-capship turret (Atlas, Behemoth, etc).Explosive Personality - Destroy an enemy ship after dying with your explosion.Galactic Traveller - Visit every system.Badge King - Earn 50 badges.- Beyond this, there have been a number of changes and improvements to the administration and functionality of the new in-game "/report" anti-toxicity system. This system has never used AI.VO 1.8.510-513 have included:*** Vendetta 1.8.513- Added colored highlights to sectors occupied with Milanar, Siepos, Prosus hive bots in the navmap.- Updated descriptions of the new Pirate badges to include current count and how many are needed to achieve the next level badge.- Fixed issue with player-capships not appearing correctly when in different sectors from their owners.*** Vendetta 1.8.512- Added new badges for actions against Unaligned Pirates and other specialized combat actions.- Added weekly Unaligned Pirate report to in-game newsposts.- Free ship buy-back during Deneb border missions now include addons.- Added Corporate Sector Run Advertising mission that includes the rules.- Corporate Sector Run registration now takes place by taking the Registration mission when it is posted 15 minutes before the race begins.- Corporate Sector Run now creates a post-race in-game news item listing the race winners.*** Vendetta 1.8.511- Players muted from a "/report" are now notified of the offending chat text.*** Vendetta 1.8.510- Corporate Sector Run race has been automated and takes place on Saturdays at 4pm Central time. - User Keys can now be used as a proxy for the Owner Key when keying conquerable stations. - Some administrative mutes have been changed to in-game time instead of wall-clock time.- Storage rental fees are now capped at 26 weeks.- Fixed issue with strike force attacking when docking to a group member's capship when both are in a Deneb Border Skirmish mission but the capship's owner is not in the sector.- Fixed issue with losing radar target when targeting a player-owned capship

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For details, we recommend reading the latest Newsletter, which is going out now:https://www.vendetta-online.com/newsletter/04.2020/newsletter.04.2020.htmlAdditionally, please note the two Events planned for tomorrow:- April 4th, 5pm Central (04/04 @22:00 UTC) - Developer Run - Flag Battle #4- April 4th, 6pm Central (04/04 @23:00 UTC) - Bus War