Outpost Upgraded

Steel Daggers upgrades their Outpost with a Caldari Basic Outpost Laboratory Plattform. This will offer an additional five ME, PE and Copy slots. This operation took place over 2 Downtimes.

Steel Daggers build their first Outpost

On 23rd August 2009 the Steel Daggers Corporation placed its first Outpost in the XV7L-S Constellation. This Caldari Outpost will improve the research possibilities in this constellation. Prices are set to the average in Providence, slots and dockingrights are available to neutrals. Jump Clones are available for 15 million.


Y9-MDG, Providence

Daggers Cove is currently under Sev3rance management. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/outpost/Y9-MDG

ushra’khan and cva bring allies to 2j-wjy fight

reported by ISD Najax Lergazin | 2009.08.21 19:49:25

2J-WJY, Catch – On 15 August 111, combined forces from Ushra’Khan, Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] and Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] clashed against elements from Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL] and Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]. More than 600 capsuleers participated in the day-long fray and considerable losses were reported on both sides.

According to battle reports, two towers and a cyno jammer defended by CVA and its allies (also known as ‘proviblock’) were ultimately destroyed.Bubbled Tower in 2J-WJY

During the battle’s initial stages, both side took significant casualties. “[Against ALL Authorities] and [Ushra’Khan] were unable to get the upper hand,” explained Sapphrine, adding that ATLAS pilots who joined later in the fight, ultimately decided the battle.

CALPEPE, an ATLAS capsuleer, recalls: “i spent all my engagement bouncing every gate shooting every single hostile i got in sight.”

Dyntheos of CVA, expressed his alliance’s satisfaction with the battle’s outcome: “I believe the total kill/loss balance in terms of ships is even over the day… there are still two Steel towers up i believe… [however] Sov 3 has been broken for now,” he admitted.

Hovever, Sapphrine, of Ushra’Khan, promptly dismissed CVA’s claims of even a marginal victory: “[We] have always stated that their objective is to hold the space. Whenever we win a fight they invariably claim to have won… as they held the space at the end.”

While Dyntheos of CVA acknowledges that Ushra’Khan “has gathered greater confidence fighting alongside their [allies],” he also adds that “[Against ALL Authorities] and [ATLAS] are… probably the most powerful coalitions in the cluster… if [Ushra’Khan] had to muster a full fleet to combat the ‘provibloc’ forces, it means they fear us.”

shintaht becomes capital system

reported by ISD Rhom Windfell | 2009.08.20 17:27:38

Shintaht, Providence – Following completion of an outpost orbiting the famed planet Konrakas, Rosa Alba, a corporation within the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] announced Shintaht will be made into a capital system.

Felton Fundenberger, CEO of Rosa Alba, said that it was something that they had always aimed for. He stated:

“Recognition of the Empire is something we have always wanted and been fighting for. We want it by our actions against enemies of the empire. ISK is not the means to Empire here. Our actions are. The Empress will see us when she sees we are fit for it.”

He also mentioned his nervousness as to how the Empress will see the future plans of CVA.

“We are little unsure about how Amarr Empire and Caldari State will react… We are eagerly awaiting communications from them.”

With much work still needing to be done. CVA deployed their outpost in Shintaht on 5.7.111. All that remained was to move their ships, industrial equipment and control towers into the system. Having already secured the majority of the moons, the paperwork for capital status was cleared on August 5th, and the final date for the system’s ascendance to capital status was set. However, it was decided that no grand celebrations would take place as the fleet responsible was tasked elsewhere according to Felton Fundenberger of CVA.

With all tasks completed, Felton Fundenberger offered his loyalty to the Empress by declaring that Shintaht will be a capital system “in honour of Empress Jamyl.”

breaking news: violent clashes reported in 2j-wjy

reported by ISD Najax Lergazin | 2009.08.16 03:30:13

2J-WJY, Catch – In the last 24 hours, the system of 2J-WJY has been the scene of several violent clashes, during which more than 1400 ships and 493 pods were lost.

Preliminary reports indicate the fight began when two starbases and a cyno jammer belonging to Cold Steel Alliance were attacked by elements of Ushra’Khan and Against All Authorities. During the day-long fights the two towers were reportedly reinforced.The Damaged Tower in 2J-WJY

According to Marcus Griffin, both the attacking and the defending fleet are mainly comprised of “sniper battleships with the usual logistics and tackle support”. Cold Steel is presently receiving military support by Curatores Veritatis Alliance and the solar system seems secured.

Seliana Tanis, of Against All Authorities, explained the reasons that motivated the attack on 2J-JWY’s towers: “[they] were claiming [sovereignty] next door to our station system of ZXIC-7.”

Sapphrine of Ushra’Khan stated that the attack was initiated because: “they are expanding the reach of the slaver held Providence,” adding that since 2J-WJY is only two jumps from Ushra’Khan’s staging area, it made sense to include it among other strategic targets.

Ramruqai of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, confirmed that the battle is not over: “These pirate scum that insist on destroying peaceful members of Project Deliverance must be removed as we get a chance to… We will respond to [Ushra’Khan]’s harassment where we can but their efforts to this day have been nothing but insignificant.”

Interstellar Correspondent will monitor the ongoing situation and report as soon as more information is received.

sylph alliance reorganizes after leadership change

reported by ISD Najax Lergazin | 2009.08.06 22:04:40

IS-R7P, Catch – Sylph alliance has recently overhauled its directorship and most of its combat force, sources inside the alliance confirmed.

Despite losing about five hundred capsuleers and an undisclosed number of corporations in just about one month, the alliance’s political situation appears stable and a new leadership has been appointed.kueen1 - Sylph's Alliance New Leader

kueen1, the new alliance’s leader, explains that after Drakmor’s resignation, the streamlining was due and losses were expected. “Drakmor has been the backbone for [Sylph] for a very long time… people will leave, but its nothing we can’t recover from,” he says.

Controlling about 20 systems between Catch and Providence, Sylph is allied to Curatores Veritatis’ powerblock, guards CVA’s northern flank and shares its ‘not red don’t shoot policy’.

Just a few days ago, Ushra’Khan capsuleers brought Sylph’s internal strife to attention by simulcasting a political pamphlet in most parts of Catch, Providence and in the system of Amarr.

While Ushra’Khan’s broadcast claimed their military campaign against Sylph was the reason behind the alliance’s dwindling numbers, Sylph leadership always dismissed such claims as “just a nuisance.”

Sirius Polaris, a former Sylph member, believes future issues won’t come from Ushra’Khan. At the time he decided to leave Sylph, leadership was “allowing more of the industrial [corporations] to run the alliance, making [combat] very weak,” he said, adding that Sylph’s allies might become a threat should they feel the new leadership is too weak to hold on to Catch.

“[We are] gearing towards industrialists supporting our [combat forces] and not the other way around,” replies kueen1, adding that the alliance is stronger now than it ever was and will continue its ‘not red don’t shoot policy’ inside CVA’s powerblock.

Simulcast message to Providence

reported by ISD Najax Lergazin | 2009.08.03 15:14:51

IS-R7P, Catch – Ushra’Khan alliance transmitted a simulcast message to residents of Providence, Catch and the system of Amarr.

The broadcast, transmitted on 02.08.111, originated in IS-R7P and was relayed through local channels in an estimated 70 systems, including several key locations in Sylph and Curatores Veritatis Alliance sovereign space.

Promethia Station While the simulcast confirmed the well-known anti-slaver position of the Ushra’Khan, it also served the double duty of applying psychological pressure to Sylph Alliance in a bid to lower their morale.

According to Ugleb, during the last month Ushra’Khan has targeted Sylph’s supply lines and most notably the Kari pipe. “They are currently suffering major internal strife and are losing [corporations]… since we began this focused campaign,” he explained.

Yvain Dragonheart of Sylph acknowledged that Ushra’Khan was trying to exploit the recent changes in his alliance. “With the loss of our fearless ex-leader Drakmor and of many old [corporations] we are not very strong… We fall under the ‘easy targets’ sign,” he said, promptly adding that he also believes Ushra’Khan poses no threat to Sylph: “They are like bees; hard to catch and annoying, but not deadly.”

Valotaan, a capsuleer flying under Sylph’s insignia, gave his view of Ushra’Khan’s combact tactics: “Usually we see them (or don’t see them) in cloaked ships attacking people who are not prepared for a fight… [or] shooting our station services with stealth bombers.”

The situation in the field might soon heat up. According to Sapphrine, Ushra’Khan’s diplomat, the alliance will soon issue a refocus order that will “aim to deny Sylph the use of their space.”

Ushra’Khan’s claims were promptly dismissed by Sylph’s representative, Vito Russo. “For the people of [Ushra’Khan], you will never take Sylph, as we are brave pilots who will fight to the end and never give up. We shall stick by our allies and our allies will stick by us until [Ushra’Khan] is NO More!”

The Interstellar Correspondents will continue to monitor this conflict – further reports will follow as more news becomes available.