Assault on SV5-8N

reported by ISD Magnus Balteus | 2008.07.26 18:56:15
On the evening of the 25th, Against ALL Authorities alliance engaged a mixed fleet including members of Paxton FederationCuratores Veritatis AllianceInterstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, and Sev3rance in SV5-8N. Reports indicate that as many as five -A- titans were involved.HED-GP is considered the beginning of the southern route from empire space into the regions of CatchStainEsoteria and Paragon Soul; any alliance holding the corridor can wreak havoc on supply lines for other alliances. With SV5-8N only one jump from HED-GP, -A- had decided that the presence of a Paxton Federationcontrol tower and possible jump bridge was too much of a threat to their supply lines. As one anonymous -A- pilot said “I don’t think it is in our best interests to allow a hostile group of this size to have a jump bridge near our logistics portal.”Bubbled GateAlthough Paxton owns the tower, several allies were called in to assist with the defense.