Vendetta Online 1.8.432-434

Tonight's VO 1.8.434 includes:- New Capella hulk assets.- New enemy NPCs in Latos F-12.- Updated test debris sector in Latos F-12, much denser debris (some slower devices may have performance issues).- Debris chunks are no longer selected when selecting enemy ships.- Engine performance optimizations for large debris fields.- Fixed menu problem with lower-resolution Android devices.- Linux version now properly selects the default desktop resolution instead of 800x600 for new installs.Previous releases, 1.8.432-433 included:- Fixed mouse issues when closing the PDA on the Mac OSX version.- The buzzing sign sounds are now muted when docked to stations.- Added a $2.99 Bag of 250 Crystals in-app purchase product for Play Store and Apple Store.- For mobile players, Station Storage rent now costs 25 Crystal per 10,000 CU in addition to credits.- Lite mode now adds a 50% increase to the maximum amount of daily crystal from NPC kills.- Fixed wrong menu being displayed after timing out from the server the first time the game is run.- Updated the initial Tilt/Touch menu on first run to be less confusing.- Added warnings for new players when attempting to set up a nav route outside of their nation.- Added HUD warnings when leaving your Capitol system for the first time and when entering nation border wormholes.- Increased the resolution of the Mic image in the virtual keyboard.Experimentation with higher density battle scenes continues. I hope you can stop by and check out Latos F-12, it has become pretty dramatic. It may run a bit slow for some people (particularly on mobile or VR), but it is an experimental sector, after all.But beware! There are some particularly aggressive NPCs lying in wait for unsuspecting pilots to pass through the area.A lot of other development has been going on, but this NPC and Debris scene was the most we could reliably release tonight. I hope it's fun. Have a great weekend, everyone!