Vendetta Online 1.8.306

VO 1.8.306 includes:- Added support for Oculus Rift DK2 by updating the SDK to 0.4.2. The DK2 must be in Extended Desktop mode and rotated to 1920x1080. If you experience a massive amount of flickering, try turning off Anti-Aliasing in Options -> Video -> Antialiasing mode.- The amount of Crystal your character has is no longer shown on Trial accounts and does on PC Lite accounts.- Fixed clipped Sector Notes menu on 1080p devices.- Fixed inter-sector loading screen size on mobile devices.- The 5 minute Lite warning menu is no longer shown on PCs if you are subscribed as a Lite account.- Training II mission's explanation of the No-Fire-Zone (NFZ) has been fixed to say 'damaged' instead of 'destroyed'.Some much-needed bugfixes, and an important update for the Oculus Rift. Probably a raft of other bugfixes coming as well, before we can focus on new content.

Vendetta Online 1.8.305

VO 1.8.305 (actually released Sept 20th) included:- Introducing "Crystal": Vendetta Online's cash currency for Free-to-Play mobile players! Crystal may be acquired in bulk via in-app purchase, or accrued more slowly through gameplay, such as gaining experience and levels, destroying Hive Bots, and reaching Achievements. Lower level equipment requires little or no Crystal, where upper level ships and gear may have increased requirements. Crystal is used for each individual quantity of item purchased, and is in addition to Credits and other factional and license-related gameplay requirements (ie, all regular gameplay requirements remain).- Premium Subscription players do not need Crystal, and do not earn it through gameplay.- All non-Premium mobile players will retroactively receive Crystal for experience and achievements they have already earned.- As a special thanks to our supportive mobile players, everyone who previously made in-app purchases for access to ships and addons will receive double (2x) the Crystal that their funds would normally purchase. This has been automatically added to the most recently used character on your account.- The "Crystal" system replaces the previous interim "ship-access" in-app purchase method, which has been removed. Thus, it is no longer necessary to make a purchase to gain "access" to a given ship. Because Crystal can be acquired through gameplay, it further mitigates potential pay-to-win advantages between Free-to-Play users. Crystal will also make it easier for us to increase the Free-to-Play license caps in the future.- Free-to-Play mobile users who convert to Premium Subscribers will still retain any previously-earned Crystal if they revert to Free at a later point; but while the Premium subscription is active, the previously retained Crystal will no longer be visible, and they will not accrue additional Crystal until they have reverted to Free.- Added a new "First Kill" badge for new users, with a notification and description pop-up the first time the player docks after earning the badge.- New simplified account conversion menu and removed the captcha.- Improved readability of some menus on mobile devices.- Improved gamepad usability for most dialog boxes.- Fixed issue with swiping not always working on initial Ship Purchase tutorial.- Changed default framerate limit to 60 FPS from 40 for a smoother UI scrolling experience.- New Snapdragon splash screen for Snapdragon-based devices.- Increased default font size for high-res phone devices.- Fixed potential sector crash when a mine times out and gets damaged at the exact same time. - Fixed crash on iPad when docking after gaining the First Kill achievement.- Fixed issue with seeing when logging in for the first time on mobile devices.The addition of a cash currency (for mobile/free-to-

Shellshock vulnerability

It has been widely reported that a long-standing vulnerability has recently become known, under the name Shellshock. We would like to quickly state that no Guild Software or Vendetta Online servers were vulnerable to this specific issue at any time, past or present. How is this possible? Frankly, a combination of good luck and preparation. Our server OS of choice does not include the vulnerable software by default (luck!). In addition, we secure individual exposed services using privilege limitations to drastically reduce the scope of a potential unforeseen compromise (each service can only access its own minimized footprint, and not the OS software); this would have helped to mitigate a compromise if one had been possible.Security is a game of minimizing uncertainty and "possible" exposure, with no absolutes. Moving forward, we will continue to very carefully handle and defend any data that you share with our company. Thanks for your support.