Vendetta Online 1.8.592-593 and Server Side

Server Side updates (Feb 4th):- Four new custom-made missions.- Fixed issue with Queens failing to spawn properly under certain conditions.VO 1.8.593 (Feb 2nd):- Ten new custom-made missions, available in branching trees.- Initial, Android-only "early beta test" of locale support for Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Korean languages. This involves technically complex font rendering of more than 30,000 unique characters.- Fixed issue causing players to not see their own remote capship in the sector list, when docked to a station in the same sector.VO 1.8.592 (Jan 22nd):- Ten new custom-made missions.- Debugging to help resolve problems on MacOS.- Further diagnostics and logging of internal issues.Lots of work continues on Localization and other areas of the game. Certain types of font rendering are quite challenging, for specific languages, and there are a lot of technical considerations (like maintaining a low memory footprint). Getting this localization development out of the way is important, so we can work on tweaking the interface and content translation in parallel; as issues will crop up with word-length and interface sizing based on the way different languages are structured.Beyond this, there's also some other interesting development happening in the background, which will hopefully be something we can announce before long. Have a great weekend, everyone.