Vendetta Online 1.8.610-611 and Server Side

VO 1.8.611 includes (08/26)- Six new custom-made missions, available in various trees.- Further improvements to the memory usage and stability of long-runtime sectors.- Fixed issue with Keyboard/Joystick setting not being saved on Android when a gamepad is connected.- Fixed issue with NPC capship turrets not being able to be destroyed.- Android Play Store IAP prices for non-US currencies have been updated to the current exchange rate.- NPC capships no longer jump out when their energy is too low.- Fixed rare issue with AI paths going through objects.VO 1.8.610 (08/12)- Four new custom missions, structured in various trees.- Improved memory utilization of core game server, beneficial to long-runtime stability.- Fixed Android client crash, when app was backgrounded, due to render thread issue.- Fixed Android client crash, when app was backgrounded, due to UI activation issue.We're wrapping up a lot of crucial scalability and bug-fix work, which has occupied much of the summer, but should make the game much more robust. Next week will likely include some server maintenance, and some further scalability introductions to handle more drastic battles, events and other incursions. After that, we expect to get back to the feature development.Please continue to keep us informed about any bugs you see appearing, via the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.608-609 and Server Side

VO 1.8.609 includes (tonight)- Twelve new custom-made missions, available in varied trees.- Major improvements to the sector startup process, which also help common sector-to-sector jump performance, but most importantly mitigate a scalability issue if the sector is under extreme CPU load (huge NPC count, etc).- Additional server-side debugging and monitoring added, to further track down a few persistent issues and further enhance server stability.- Fixed rare server-side issue that sporadically caused NPC navigational AI to not function properly, in certain sectors, for limited times.- Fixed server-side memory allocation problem under higher load conditions (testing with 600 clients per sector).- Migrated all server components to use jemalloc, updated server-side LuaJIT and other mechanisms.- Fixed rare client Lua error when getting remote character information as a player is leaving a sector.- Fixed some other unusual and rare client-side Lua error cases.VO 1.8.608 included (July 18th):- Twelve new custom-made missions.- New server-side optimizations for players with extremely large and complex inventories.- Fixed certain cases where resulting items could be "lost" from manufacturing missions.- Fixed problem with some client CAPTCHAs appearing upside-down.