Vendetta Online 1.8.658-661

A variety of releases have appeared over the last few weeks:VO 1.8.661.1- Major changes to the Android game install, optimizing the initial download experience for new players.VO 1.8.661- Four new custom-made missions available in various trees.- The Linux version now defaults to OpenGL 4 on first run.VO 1.8.660- The Linux 64bit Updater now uses GTK 3 instead of GTK 2.VO 1.8.659- Three new custom-made missions available in various trees.- Fixed issue with guild members not being notified of their guild being disbanded when they log in.- Added modal Menu warning guild leaders that the guild will be disbanded due to insufficient council members when logging in or docking just after the countdown started.- Guild leaders will be notified with a warning 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 10 minutes before the guild is disbanded.- Fixed Linux crash in XRandR if the primary display does not have an output defined.- If XRandR enumeration fails with a crash, it will no longer be used in the future.VO 1.8.658- Three new custom-made missions available in various trees.- Multiple recipients can now be selected from group or sector lists when giving Access Keys through the Give Owner/User Key menus.Although these notes are pretty terse, some of these changes are really significant, and encompass months of work. More details will appear in the future.

Vendetta Online 1.8.657

VO 1.8.657 includes:- Two new custom-made missions available in various trees.- The /+turbo command now automatically turns off when turbo is disengaged when typed in.- Fixed crash when using the +ActivateTurrets command and you are in a turret of the ship you are currently piloting.- The first-person jump-out animation no longer moves the player's ship in the wrong direction in non-VR mode.- The first-person jump-into-storm animation now spins the ship as it does for the third-person mode in non-VR mode.- Lua Error dialogs and the console no longer allow the HUD to be placed in front of them.- A 'Docking...' dialog has been added when docking to stations and capships in the Training Sectors.- Added a set of Chat Abuse Reporting menus to the Oculus Quest version, accessible from the 'Report User' button in the app's dashboard via the Oculus button on the controller.A number of requested changes from the Suggestions and Bugs Forums, along with some mandated platform updates. We've had a whole epic list of unrelated "mandatory" updates coming due over the last few weeks (like the above Oculus change), across a variety of different platforms, which have dragged us a bit off of our intended development course. We hope that will wrap up this week.As I've been saying for some months: larger development work is evolving in the background. However, releasing major updates is a lengthy process that involves a lot of iterative testing and staged rollout. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.As always please post any ideas to Suggestions and any problems on Bugs, and we'll do our best to continue improving things every week.