Vendetta Online 1.8.684

VO 1.8.684 includes:- Improvements to game network protocol to specifically improve PvP combat for players on lossy and chaotic network connections, although the changes should be helpful to all players.- Further refined the new game-clock synchronization system added last week, based on data accumulated over the weekend, to further improve player experience on troublesome connections or devices.- Added more anonymous analytics to help monitor game-clock synchronization challenges across all active players.

Vendetta Online 1.8.683

VO 1.8.683 includes:- Two new custom-made missions, available in various trees.- New mechanism to improve client-server clock synchronization in cases where the player has unusual latency or a device with poor clock consistency.We're continuing to make some fundamental changes to the network protocol over the coming week, which should improve performance for players on relatively bad network connections. Stay tuned!

Vendetta Online 1.8.681-682

VO 1.8.682 includes (yesterday):- Three new custom-made missions, available in various trees.- Fixed issue with players showing up multiple times in the PvP menu.- Fixed lua error with mutually-exclusive faction standing chooser if the UI was reloaded.VO 1.8.681 included (earlier this week):- Fixed lua error on iOS when logging in.- Added internal analytics to detect game-time synchronization issues.Larger gameplay changes are coming, but we're working through some significant game-engine and protocol improvements that need to be shipped first.

Vendetta Online 1.8.680

VO 1.8.680 includes:- Four new custom-made missions, available in various trees.- Capship turrets can now be added to weapon groups and fired with other weapons. The turret will not fire if it is disabled with the /disableturret command.- Fixed issue with joystick calibration curve setting getting changed when the Calibration Settings menu is cancelled or the axis is reset on Linux.- Fixed rare periodic sector-stability issue that recently impacted Edras G-11, and previously some other sectors.