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Vendetta Online 1.8.480

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VO 1.8.480 includes:- Improved Trident texture: Across all systems and platforms, the Trident texture resolution has increased 4x. On PCs with reasonably recent GPUs, using at least the DX11 or GL4 renderers, the resolution has increased 16x.A lot of other changes are in the works, including development to bring all the recent engine changes back to a state where we can release them into production, and start actually using them (and testing for next-gen content goals). Hopefully a technology release next week, if we're lucky? Stay tuned!
Vendetta Online March 9th 2019

Vendetta Online 1.8.479 – Server side

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VO 1.8.479 addition now includes:- Power Cell Blaster Turret: A variant of the standard PCB may now be manufactured to mount on vessels with turrets.- The masses of power cells have been re-defined for all non-capship power cells.Both of these are from recent Suggestions Forum threads. Please report any issues on Bugs. Otherwise, development has been on-going, but promising. If all goes well, we may be able to start pushing major architectural changes into production before long, to stabilize them, in advance of making larger content changes.We may also have some interesting announcements, later this month.Have a great weekend, all!
Vendetta Online March 2nd 2019

Vendetta Online 1.8.479 – Server side

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VO 1.8.479 now includes some other server-side changes:- Ships that have been damaged more than 25% now require powercell energy equivalent to their damage to make any kind of jump. For instance, a ship damaged 50% now requires a 50% charged powercell to jump.- Teradon turbo max speed increased from 140 to 160.- Power Cell Baster auto-aim improved from 0.995 to 0.85.- Revenant MkI turbo energy drain reduced from 50 to 48.Server side updates from the last few weeks, along with the new powercell / jump requirements from last night. These jump-requirement changes stemmed from a Suggestions forum thread, that was largely well received. We'll see how the changes work in practice. If it becomes a problem, we can revert them, but it seemed like an interesting idea that could help improve a number of historically problematic situations. It likely has benefits to traders and may make piracy a little more challenging (if the trader makes efforts to defend themselves), but it should make the entire situation more "interesting", which is the overall goal.To clarify the change: there are no changes to jump behaviour at less than 25% *damage*. You only start to see this if you're down to 75% health. To jump at 60% health, you would need 40% charge in your powercell. To jump at 10% health, you would need 90% charge in your powercell. Etc. It makes jumping increasingly more energy-consuming, if you have taken damage, which changes the nature of "chasing" people across the galaxy (both for the pursuer, and the pursued).As always, feedback is welcome. See the Suggestions Forum for the specific thread.Other changes are still in the pipe. We're working on the same set of goals we set out in the last Newsletter in December, but one project has taken over a month longer than expected. This happens sometimes. Engine development can be really complex, especially when you're trying to scale across lots of CPU cores, there are a lot of things to keep synchronized, and a lot of performance/architecture trade-offs. Game engines do not "scale" easily, compared to other workloads, like video encoding or serving web-data, where there are much fewer timing and synchronization requirements.But, the results are tentatively pretty optimistic, and we'll have more to say about that in the near future. Having a new engine will go a long way towards making the "Universe Redux" plans a lot more interesting from both a "visual" and "gameplay" standpoints, and modernizing the look of the game in general. This will be extremely relevant across all platforms, and all types of systems, from big gaming PCs down to mobile and mobile-VR. In all cases, we'll be able to use the available system resources a lot more effectively, which is really important to next-gen content.We intend to spend more time on content as soon as we can, but we have to get through the engine project before we can start "dividing" our head-space. This
Vendetta Online February 16th 2019

Tweaks and Development Updates

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A few small changes have gone into place tonight, including:- Power Cell Baster auto-aim improved from 0.995 to 0.85- Revenant MkI turbo energy drain reduced from 50 to 48These changes are in place now, but will appear in the patch log for the next major release.We've been very busy recently, working through the holidays and the weeks since, to try and finish up some of our technical and engine development.We discussed our goals in the December Newsletter, and we're still pushing hard to make them happen. Some aspects of engine development have taken a bit longer than expected, but the work is going to be really critical for our next-generation content goals, so we're happy to see it moving forward in general. This has impacted delays on rolling Vulkan from Beta into Production, but we're moving as quickly as we can on that.We've also rolled out new server capacity over the last couple of weeks, with the additional systems coming online this past Wednesday. This isn't "cloud" capacity, but rather more of our own "metal" (physical servers). These systems are not intended to run the game itself, but rather to provide better performance, redundancy and security for the website and other services that are needed to keep everything running. This has definitely absorbed some "development" time as well, but it's really important stuff to do; hopefully before an inevitable outage, when it's actually "needed".Work is on-going on policy and NPC tweaks we mentioned in the last Newsletter. There have been some bot invasions into grayspace, as we experiment with the performance impact of larger quantities of enemies. Thus far, the optimizations we've made on the server have been holding up really well.That's all for now. Once the Vulkan updates are shipped, we'll likely make some further announcements, along with an updated newsletter. For now, have a great weekend, everyone!
Vendetta Online January 19th 2019

Vendetta Online 1.8.479

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VO 1.8.479 includes:- Launching from a personal capital ship will no longer cause homing missiles targeted on that capital ship to "lose" their lock, and the missiles will continue targeting your capital ship.- The firing field-of-view of the Capital Rail Cannon has been reduced from 180 to 160 degrees. This may help mitigate its value as a forward-facing "assault" weapon. The FoV of all other capital ship turret weapons have not been changed.- The Centurion Superlight may now be purchased (if it is in-stock) in Latos N2, by pilots who have completed the Hive Research mission with Corvus. Prices for the Superlight may fluctuate considerably.- Deneb battles are now off-limits to players who have not joined either the Itani or Serco Militaries, and who are not taking the Mission related to the specific battle sector. Un-aligned "neutral" vessels will be attacked, including un-piloted capital ships.- New Weapon: the Corvus Ultra Positron Blaster, a small-port, 18-grid, de-tuned variant of the MegaPosi. It is available in Corvus stations to tri-KoS pilots at 8/8, who have passed the "Hive Research" mission.- The performance of server-side Physics interactions, in large capital ship battles, has been improved significantly.We've been trying to ship this release for almost two weeks, so we're happy this is finally out. I'm sure it will have some controversy, so let me touch on a few points..The change to the Caprail FoV has been in process since September. I was concerned when we made the turret FoVs 180 degrees, that the caprail specifically would be overpowered, and that I had no real way to balance its value as a "single turret" against its new value as an "unified assault weapon". The FoV change was the simplest additional mechanic, but it actually took quite awhile to implement, because the FoVs of turrets were deeply hard-coded.This change was not made because of any specific player, or usage, as I said it's been in-process for quite awhile. But it should be understood that Capital Ships are not yet in a place where they are configurable enough, from the developer side, to be rolled out as assault-craft. Basically, they can't be "balanced" very well yet. It's very easy to make such an "assault" level capital ship quite over-powered, which means they need to be mitigated with concepts like finite ammo, tradeoffs with energy versus shield strength (or choosing temporary shield shutdown) and other factors to make them intriguing, yet properly-integrated into the game. Capships should (sometimes) be awesome and fearsome sources of high-grade firepower, but also vulnerable to a greater variety of Torpedo class weapons, and with their own set of challenges and factors to mitigate their capabilities.We have plans for all of this, and letting people use "turrets" as offensively-aligned weapons was just a quick tweak to see how it would work, and what the ramificatio
Vendetta Online December 11th 2018

Advancements in Server Architecture

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We've been making a lot of changes lately, quietly behind-the-scenes and without shipping any normal "patches".These changes have been primarily on the server, rather than the game client. As we discussed in the October newsletter, we've made a lot of recent changes to the game client that have really enhanced performance and efficiency, and some of these changes also make sense to apply to the server itself.You see, the performance of a given sector is a limiting factor on what kind of content can take place there. How many bots can be flying around, or what they can be doing. The number of asteroids and debris floating to and fro, the complexity of station or mission mechanics; all these things are controlled by the Sector Daemon, that process that maintains authority over a particular area of geographical space.Vendetta Online's server has always been fairly efficient, but in the interest of adding a lot of complex new gameplay, and giving us more opportunities and options to really scale-up some intriguing new scenarios, we wanted to work on enhancing the performance.Thus far, we've managed to see some big gains. The measured increase in performance depends on what kind of work-load is being run, but so far we've seen improvements between 2x and 10x. This is thanks to a couple of major developments: big efficiency changes in our own code, based on profiling and testing; as well as moving the Sector Daemon's internal Lua programming language from standard "interpreted" Lua 5.1, to LuaJIT, a high-performance just-in-time compiled version.Although there have been some differences and issues we've had to track down as a result of these changes (which made for some quirky problems last weekend), the final upshot is that we can now handle a LOT more activity within a given sector, on the same amount of Server CPU, while actually using less Server RAM. Similarly, Sector Daemons can now more-efficiently utilize large numbers of CPU cores, if necessary. All of that is a good thing for everyone, and particularly for next-generation gameplay.Have you ever wondered what it might look like if every Collector Drone in a sector decided to attack you at once? Drop into Latos F-12 and see 300 Artemis Collectors that will all attack you on-sight. This unique, static test-sector exists just to see how things work with larger numbers of enemies, and what problems or ramifications emerge for players. The sector could handle more than 300, but this is a reasonable test-case for now.This simplistic test-case does NOT mean we're aiming to have huge clouds of Collector Drones roaming around for no reason. But it does mean that we can make more reactive and interesting gameplay under some circumstances, and aim for much larger space battles, complex station-city environments, more complex AI, and the like. Ever seen a movie with thousands of ships in a massive real-time battle, and wonder what it might be like to fly through that? We'd like to see
Vendetta Online November 17th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.477

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VO 1.8.477 includes:- Rescaled VR cockpit to a more realistic size, for the Oculus Rift.- Fixed crash when using Vulkan driver.- Added a reporting system for framerate issues. If you are experiencing unusually low framerates, open a support ticket and we can tell you how to use it.
Vendetta Online October 20th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.476

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VO 1.8.476 includes:- Fixed lua error when attempting to change dead zones of controllers.- Fixed lua error when attempting to save HUD settings in VR mode on Android.- Fixed crash when switching to new Vulkan driver.- Fixed flickering issue when using Vulkan driver in full-screen mode.- Fixed bug with not properly reusing font cache under certain conditions.- Reverted some recent changes to track down performance loss.If you experience any unusually bad framerate behaviour (test with "/fps"), please post about it on the Bugs Forum. We've had some intermittent reports of framerate issues, but we have not yet reproduced any actual problems on any devices in-house.
Vendetta Online October 6th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.475

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VO 1.8.475 includes:- Fixed issue with mining beam effect not staying connected to ships.- Fixed memory leak.- Goliath powercell grid changed from 125 to 55- Hive Queen top speed increased from 140 to 180- Hive Queen turbo thrust increased from 1640 to 16400- Hive Queen braking thrust increased from 1290 to 12900- Stronghold-specific Hive Queen blaster powercell drain increased from 80 to 160- TPG Goliath description changed to remove the term "freighter", as all VO ships are multi-role.Still a lot of technical work going on in the background, major changes and improvements to the physics engine, which could have far-reaching implications for future large-scale gameplay.
Vendetta Online September 29th 2018

Vendetta Online 1.8.474

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VO 1.8.474 includes:- Windows version is now using new experimental multi-threaded job system.- Windows version now includes a Vulkan graphics driver. To try it out, go to Options -> Video -> Change Driver.Tonight's Windows-only release is the first public test of a long-running project to re-architect the Vendetta Online engine, and bring it up to a point where we can deliver the kind of next-generation content required from many of our goals.From our benchmark testing, we've seen about a 15% performance improvement over the previous version of the game, across the board. The new engine is only partially utilized at the moment, so we expect things to continue to get better from here.We'll discuss this a bit more in the next newsletter, but basically, the new engine should make much better usage of systems with many cores, while still being very efficient on systems without them. Even low-power devices have a lot of cores now (8-core phones, and the like, and new Windows-on-ARM laptops), so multi-core scalability is increasingly important.Similarly, we're very excited for the future of our new Vulkan renderer, which has been in development for quite some time. At the moment, you should not expect major performance improvements for using Vulkan over DirectX 11, as we're still in the process of re-tooling the greater engine to make better usage of Vulkan's advantages. However, we still encourage you to try the new renderer, if you have a reasonable Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPU with recent drivers. Please post any issues to Bugs, and revert back to DX11 if things don't work for you. Basically, expect this to be a "beta" renderer, right now.To those not on Windows: Yes, the improvements will be coming to you as well. As always, our world is very cross-platform, and one of the big benefits of Vulkan is the potential to use a single API across both mobile and PC.. unlike the need for DirectX, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. On Apple devices, there are translation layers to allow Vulkan renderers to work via Apple's "Metal" API.We released this only on Windows, as it's better to have a narrower test-case when the code is still relatively "early". We'll expand the engine testing onto other platforms, once we're a little more confident. If something goes awry, it's a lot easier to debug the process on just one platform at a time.As always, please post any issues on the Bugs forum, and have a great weekend!
Vendetta Online September 22nd 2018

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