Vendetta Online 1.8.529

VO 1.8.529 includes:- Fixed issue with displaying too many missions in the new System.- Fixed inaccuracies in the Best Price calculator for the Latos stations.- Capships can now be renamed when docked.- Fixed issue with empty Deneb Skirmishes.There is also some other new functionality in this update, which is still in testing and hasn't been formally released yet. We'll talk about that in a separate post, next week.

Vendetta Online 18.525-528, A new rare drop.

Tonight's release brings a number of tweaks, including a new rare-drop, which will become relevant in upcoming content.Beyond this, we've also made it easier for former-subscribers to play the game in Freemium mode, even when they have a Capital Ship using up their station cargo space.You can now see the "Best" prices for goods you're carrying, throughout the entire Galaxy. We're still working on this interface and improving things, but you can expect more tools like this as we evolve the Economy. Obviously, the massive increase in NPC convoy activity (among other things) can attest to the Economy changes that are on-going.We'll go into all of this in greater detail in the next Newsletter. In the meantime, please keep us posted on any issues you find via the Bugs Forum, as well as ideas on the Suggestions Forum.We haven't been posting news about patch updates, for a few weeks (development has been very intensive), so please bear with the long list here..VO 1.8.528 (tonight) includes:- New rare drop: "Rarified Heliocene Alloy" can occasionally be found from certain NPCs in the Unknown System.- Fixed error when using In-App Purchasing on Linux platforms.- Buy-back cost now displays Crystal cost with the Credit cost.- Fixed issue with the Prediction Monitoring system being triggered when jumping/warping.- Added recurring Lite membership billing options to the Billing page of the web site.- Added 12 and 24 month Lite membership Gift Keys to the Billing page of the web site.VO 1.8.527 included:- Players are always allowed to switch to a ship they have in storage, even if there's not enough storage space available.- Players can always purchase a small ship if they don't own any at their current location.- Players can now activate their capship even if they can't launch with it due to subscription restrictions. This allows the player to remove items from the ship's inventory.- System best prices now include Galactic best prices and no longer include stations the player can't dock with. The profit/loss replaced the cost. The location is now a shortcut to that system's navmap.VO 1.8.526 included:- Additional trade items updated to have "Locally Produced" locations in Nation space, allowing proper fulfillment in the new Latos economy.- Latos economy is now updating and engaging traders more often, both players and NPCs. This may result in an increase in missions and convoy traffic.- Fixed issue with ships spinning around and then popping back into position.- Trade Guild Procurement and Retrieve missions no longer ask for items that the local station has available for sale.- Continued adjustment to the generation of Crystal (from XP, in this case). This process will be on-going as we evaluate different models.VO 1.8.525 included:- The winning "side" of Deneb is now able to purchase Neutron Blaster MkIIIs in their home nation for the following week.- Deneb players are no longer kicked out of the mission for friendly ki