Vendetta Online 1.8.621-622

VO 1.8.622 included, this week:- Seven new custom-made missions.- Improved ability to dock a Behemoth into a Goliath.- Added ability to link existing accounts to Google Sign-In on Android, provided the email address matches.- Corrupted ship presets now report the error to the console and the server.VO 1.8.621 included, last week:- One new custom-made mission.- Added 'shield' to the list of remote capship commands to report shield strength and status.- Server-side bug fixes.As always, on-going development is also moving forward on a number of other longer-term client and server projects, which will hopefully start emerging in the near future.In the meantime, if you run into any bugs or issues, please post about them on the Bugs Forum. Thanks much, and Happy Holidays everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.616-620

A recap of tonight's release, and the last couple of months..VO 1.8.620 includes (tonight)- Five new custom-made missions.- Capship owners are now notified when their remote capship's shields come back up.- Fixed a recent bug with capship storage limits: the player's active ship and passenger ships are now correctly counted as cargo- Added Google Sign-In support to create new accounts on the Android version. Requires Play Store App Update.- Vote Mute suspension notifications have been changed to chat abuse reporting suspension.- Reduced the number of CSR pre-race announcements.VO 1.8.619 included:- Three new custom-made missions.- Added Auto Aim angle stat to blaster-type weapon descriptions. The angle is measured from the forward firing direction.- Code-signing signature has been updated for Windows.VO 1.8.618 included:- Four new custom-made missions.- Fixed issue with remote capship unable to mine after the owner launches after docking.- Fixed issue with Capship Cargo list not updating when the capship is mining.VO 1.8.617 included:- Four new custom-made missions.- Fixed issue with connected addons being counted as part of the capship cargo in fighter Load/Unload menu.- Fixed issue with the currently selected ship being reset to the capship when moving cargo between a fighter and capship while piloting the capship.- Fixed issue with addon ports disappearing when equipping or unequipping addons.VO 1.8.616 included:- Six new custom-made missions.- Capship owners can now change their fighters' loadouts/cargo while still piloting their capship. Choose which ship in the 'Ship' -> "Manage" -> "Configure Ship" menu.Some really significant updates, major improvements for capship owners, twenty-two new missions, a lot of fixes, and a ton of invisible "background" development on the server. Stay tuned for further improvements in the works!