Vendetta Online 1.8.594-607 and Server Side

VO server-side changes:- 150 new custom-made missions (total, since the last Newspost on February 5th).- We have begun testing the process of manually-localizing mission content, but this is limited and hasn't yet expanded to the tutorials.- Changes to NPC navigation (still on-going), to reduce problems with large ships or convoys being delayed under certain circumstances.- Major changes to game sectors (still on-going), improving server-side memory usage, improving scalability, adding analytics.- Major update of the core server packet-router (still on-going), resulting in significantly increased player concurrency and battle-scale capacity.- Many other changes.VO 1.8.607- 1 new custom mission.- Enhanced sector performance under very-large battle scenarios.- Additional server-side analytics, for monitoring sector status.- Improvements to sector memory allocation.- Improved memory efficiency for certain types of sector activity.- Fix for iOS crash relating to Trident Tech liveries on recent iOS devices.VO 1.8.606- 34 new custom missions for various mission trees released over the past few weeks.- Fixed lua error when being bounced back to the originating sector if the destination sector fails to load.- Fixed issue when a sector gets stuck if an NPC is too far away from the center of the sector.- Core server scalability and performance enhancements.VO 1.8.605- 14 new custom-made missions branching off of existing mission trees.- Fixed issue with collisions causing ships to exceed the maximum speed limit.VO 1.8.604- Ten new custom-made missions for various mission trees.- Players are now warned of an imminent captcha in certain conditions so they can move to a less hostile environment when it does pop up.- Fixed crash in the Vulkan driver on MacOS.- Fixed issue with the velocity of turret projectiles being too fast.- Internal fixes to the mission system.VO 1.8.603- Five new custom-created missions.- Linux-32bit version now supports the new localization system.- Fixed issue with Corporate Sector Race not finishing in certain circumstances.- Fixed issue with sectors crashing when AI path-finding matrices grow too big.VO 1.8.602- Three new custom-created missions.- Game account personal information on the website has been moved to its own separate password-protected page, under Account Info, and then Personal Information. This includes the user's email address, etc.- Most PC platforms, other than Linux-32bit, now support the new "beta-test" of the language localization system. Language translations are still very early and will change significantly.- Fixed lua error when attempting to take a mission just as it is removed from the list.- To reduce forum spamming, new accounts that don't have any characters with Level 1 Combat license may only post to the Forums up to 2 times per 24 hour period.- Community Projects Forum threads may now be posted-to up to 1 year after the previous post.- Community Projects Forum posts may now be edited by the p