Vendetta Online 1.8.551, Server Side Updates

Tonight, the following server-side updates went live:- Remote, player-owned capital ships are now correctly impacted by "TempKoS" states that are incurred by the owning player in other sectors.- NPCs now have radar awareness limits, impacted by local phenomena (ion storms, etc). Mission NPCs are not affected, and Strike Forces have a long radar range.- Latos economy tweaked to allow a limited period of static-price trading, before low quantity concerns cause the station to begin raising prices. This will likely continue to be adjusted.Last week, VO 1.8.551 included:- New Enduring Content mission, for Goliath owners.- Enduring Content missions now require the capship to be named.- Capship 'attack', 'defend', and 'follow' targets need to be in the radar range of the capship.- Fixed issue with Interface menu being clipped with the font size is too large.- Fixed typo in the Power Cell Blaster mission.Please report any issues on the Bugs Forum (or via tickets, if exploitable), and any ideas around intentional changes or tweaks on the Suggestions Forum. Have a great weekend, all.

Vendetta Online 1.8.550

VO 1.8.550 includes:- Player-Capship remote 'attack' command should no longer cause the capship to back away (this was happening only at large distances from the sector center).- Keychain info region is no longer very wide.- Fixed Lua error when attempting to un-equip an empty port.Beyond this, the past week included a number of background, server-side fixes. We had some unusual bugs appear with player capital ships when transitioning between sectors (along with related Support Tickets), and a few other game stability challenges in particular corners of the galaxy. We've also taken steps to further expand the monitoring of server-side problems, so we can detect more granular detail and react more quickly to future problems.A lot of important background work has also happened, relating to the interface and other changes, which will be announced when those developments are closer to release. Thanks for your patience in the meantime, this major project should go a long way towards making the game more accessible to new players and a wider audience.Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.549

VO 1.8.549 includes:- Added sorting options to the Keychain menu and the ability to delete multiple keys at once.- Static Queens don't attack fighters unless it is attacked or all of its escorts are destroyed.- Convoy escort behavior has changed to be more aggressive when attacked.Again, more changes pulled from the Suggestions Forum.We also addressed some server-side bugs that were causing issues in Dau L10, and elsewhere.Substantial progress is continuing to happen in the background. More specific news in due course.

Vendetta Online 1.8.548

VO 1.8.548 includes:- Enduring Content History is now included in the /charinfo menu ("k") when targeting another player.- Players can no longer dock to stations if they have weapon fire in-flight. This includes blasters, missiles, rockets, mines, etc. Conquerable stations and capships do not have this restriction.- No-Fire Zone violations now cause Pillar of Society standing with the given faction to be reduced to Admire after the TempKoS expires.- Sectors with Ion Storms are now un-monitored.A whole series of different requested changes sourced from Suggestions over the last couple of months.We have some pretty major work happening in the background (longer term), so we're trying to drop in a series of smaller Suggestions and and tweaks every week, if we can.Have a great weekend, everyone!