Vendetta Online 1.8.695-698

A recap of the last month of updates:VO 1.8.698/.1- Reduced touch input latency for ship rotation on Android.- Fixed crash on startup for non-English localizations on Android.VO 1.8.697- Fixed Linux video drivers failing to use X randr to detect video modes in window mode.- Fixed issues with resetting Controls to defaults in Android not properly resetting all settings.- Fixed issue with frozen app on Android when quitting after resuming from the background.VO 1.8.696.1- Fixed incorrect Play Store In-App purchase price for 3 month Lite membership.VO 1.8.696- Fixed issue with the screen size changing on Android TV devices.VO 1.8.695- Fixed issue with navmap disappearing when clicking on it and pressing Escape.- Fixes for several crashes and other problems on Android.- Improved error reporting for future Android crashes.We addressed a variety of crashes and stalls on Android, and have also increased our Android system requirements for the Play Store:Vendetta Online now requires Android 8.0 or newer, with OpenGL ES 3.1 hardware that fully supports the Android Extension Pack. The concept of the AEP goes back to 2014, and all 8.0-or-later devices should have support. This also effectively lays the groundwork for us to roll out Vulkan support universally, at some point in the future, as that has the same hardware requirements.Existing Android installs of Vendetta Online, using older devices, should still continue to function the same they have for some time to come. At a later point in the future the game may cease to function on older devices, but for the moment we're just limiting new installations on the Play Store, to better support our upcoming goals around game-engine improvements.