Vendetta Online 1.8.494

VO 1.8.494 includes:- Added blinking arrows to the offline strafe tutorials on mobile versions.- Reduced the lengths of some of the offline training tutorials on mobile.- Improved precision of camera calculations on Android version when far away from the center of the sector. - Fixed issue with very low resolution screens truncating menus on Android.- Added full-screen support for Android devices with camera cutouts.- Fixed lua errors.A number of small tweaks and changes for Android and iOS.

August 2019 Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter recaps a lot of what's been publicly released this year, with a bit of context about where we're headed.There's a lot more development going on behind-the-scenes, but that will hopefully begin to be announced in upcoming Newsletters.

Vendetta Online 1.8.493

VO 1.8.493 includes:- Player-owned capships are now automatically added to the owner's group and do not count towards the group size limit.- Sector notes now include an option for the color of the sector in the nav-map.- Added Audio options to toggle the collision and jettison sound effects.We're happy to hear the sector-notes option has been helpful to people. Please keep these kinds of ideas coming on Suggestions, we'll add them when we can!

Mining Changes

Tonight's update is entirely server-side, and is a very small tweak to the algorithm that controls how quickly asteroids will heat up, and cool down.There have been some long-standing exploitative issues that have recently been coming to light, wherein particular mining beam and asteroid combinations could yield situations where the asteroid would be mine-able indefinitely (never heating up).The mathematical model that governs the thermal properties of our asteroids is somewhat complex, so we've made the smallest and most minimally-invasive change to the algorithm that we can, removing only cases where the efficiency of certain beams and the lightly-randomized thermal properties of certain asteroids could interact in a nonsensical way.This was an important issue for us to fix, particularly as we approach the Universe Redux and the potential for new ores and minerals, along with vastly greater quantities and types of asteroids. We don't want the underpinnings of a production-driven economy to have any issues like this.If people run into other unexpected mining behaviour in the future, please let us know via a Support Ticket (if exploitable) or a forum Bug Report (if not). As always, exploitation of a flawed game mechanic is grounds for administrative action, so please, make the game better and more balanced for everyone, and report the issue.Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!