Mission Change: “Safari Cruise”

We recently became aware of an exploit to the "Safari Cruise" mission that could yield an unusually large number of drops, when coordinating tactics across multiple accounts or players. The mission has been pulled offline for the moment, and the drops that were improperly obtained have been removed from player inventories.To reiterate what I wrote earlier this year, on the previous exploit: If you find something that confers an obviously significant advantage and yields an unusually high value in drops or rewards, REPORT IT.For one thing, anything Manufactured or gained via content generated from an Exploit is just going to be lost anyway, whenever we trace and remove the content; and that could include items traded to other players (much like the risks of buying stolen merchandise in the real world, we do not "refund" player trades on exploited game content; so be careful who you buy from, limit your trading to other responsible individuals).Plus, anything other than reporting the problem just ends up hurting the game. It absorbs time for us to do log forensics, it derails carefully-scheduled development plans while we do "emergency analysis" of potential gameplay problems, etc. We have lost months of development time to exploits in the past, which obviously could have been used instead to make the game better, if the problem had simply been reported.We *could* also have a game completely free of issues and exploits, but it would require us to also stop making gameplay improvements. So, if you want to see the game continue to get frequent additions and changes, then you need to be on board with reporting the inevitable problems. We don't have the benefit of a large Q/A team, we rely on our players to behave responsibly and report issues as they find them. It's part of the basic reality of an independent, actively-developed MMORPG.Please keep that in mind.

Vendetta Online 1.8.587

VO 1.8.587 includes:- Seven new missions, available in several new trees that expand with completion.- New capship command "turbo": engages turbo for up to 10km, on the current heading, then stops.- New capship command "gather": Ship will pick up floating ore. Can also specify type of ore, then only that type of ore will be picked up.- New capship command-chaining: Multiple behaviours may be engaged concurrently with the "add" command. So, a ship might be told to "patrol" and then "add attack hostile", causing the capship to both patrol, and attack enemies. Then one might also "add gather", causing the capship to patrol, attack hostiles, and gather floating ore crates.- "Turbo" and "Stop" tutorial-arrows now vanish once the player touches the respective button.- Fix for Strafe tutorial bug for older updating game installs where Roll was not bound to Tilt.- Updates to the iOS version, adds +ActivateTurrets, Localisations, Async Asset Loading, new Touch-Look flight model, improved battery efficiency, other features recently added to the Android version. Requires App Store update for the features to be available.As usual, the Holiday Promo is now active. Happy Holidays everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.586

VO 1.8.586 includes:- Ten additional missions, building out in trees based on mission completion.- Android adds very basic (alpha) tutorial support for Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish.- Fixed issue with hidden HUD elements becoming visible when the HUD flashes.- Turbo and Stop buttons now flash and have animated arrows pointing to them in the Strafe Tutorial.- Capella can no longer be quickly destroyed by particular types of ship collisions.- Fixed issue with PS4 controller not displaying correct settings in the editable controller menu.- Fixed crash with Google Daydream VR mode.- Reduced HUD Shake intensity by half, on both PC and Android.A lot of other changes going on in the background, beyond what you see here, but this is what we were able to release in time for the weekend.Please report any problems on the Bugs forum of the game website. Thanks everyone, happy holidays!

Vendetta Online 1.8.585

VO 1.8.585 includes:- Six new missions have been added.- Added "/tkostime" command, to print a list of where the current character is TempKoS, and for how long.- Android and PC HUD (2D) will now visually shake slightly when Turbo is engaged.- Android and PC HUD will now flash green if you pick up cargo.- Android version will now auto-reconnect and use the last character, if the game was disconnected while backgrounded.- Fixed capship turret gunner exploit that allowed players to halve the fire-delay of certain turrets.- Fixed capship turret owner exploit relating to changing turrets quickly.- Fixed scanners causing false NFZ warnings.- Touch to Select on Android has been temporarily disabled, pending fixing a major issue.A lot more changes coming next week. Please keep us posted on any bugs you find, via the Bugs Forum on the website. Thanks!

Vendetta Online 1.8.584

VO 1.8.584 includes:- Four new missions: "Anti-Piracy Task Force", "Courier for Legal Documents", "Runaway Guardians", "Phase 1 Industrial Assay".- Toggling "+ActivateTurrets" now visually adds a small red "AT" to the left of the Distance graph, and also shows a brief "Turret Control Online" or "Offline" message in the chat log.- Android version now gives a small "haptic" (device vibration) when the user engages turbo, or when the user is struck by enemy fire.- Android "Language" Options dialog has been made larger and easier to use.- Android initial tutorial now starts with the HUD hidden, presents the text to the right, progress bar integrated into the text dialog.- Android now includes a "tilt" tutorial, showing the user how to rotate their ship.- Android "Back" menu is now unique for each initial tutorial.- Android initial "offline" tutorials now disable any touch buttons and regions that are not specifically needed for that tutorial, to avoid accidental confusion in early gameplay.- Android "Rings" tutorial flight-timeout no longer interrupts the Back or initial Continue dialog.- Android players can no longer physically collide with the outer "Ring" objects in the tutorial.- Android includes many other small tweaks to the initial tutorials, localization.Some new missions, a few later-game improvements, and a lot of changes to the early tutorial experience. More features are in the pipe, but were not able to be completed for release-time. Stay tuned. As always, please report any Bugs on the Forums (only Exploits, that need to remain secret, should be reported via Support Tickets). Thanks everyone!