Vendetta Online 1.8.195

VO 1.8.195 includes:- Drastically reduced requirements for manufacturing the Trident Type M user-playable capship. Various plating, panels and other parts are now needed in smaller numbers. A few additional rare minerals and ores are required, but overall a big reduction in the time and effort needed for construction.- Additional cores added to server cluster, further expanding capacity.- Added Updater timeout handling to Windows and Mac platforms.- Auto Dock mode. Enabled by default for Android and disabled for all other platforms. It autodocks you when you fly into the docking bay without you having to 'Activate' it.- Separate error messages for Android Updater for connection timeout vs. connection failures.We welcome continued feedback on any of these changes, particularly that of the Trident Manufacturing. There will be two other trident types released in the not too distant future, but they did not make it into tonight's updates.The auto-dock feature was mainly implemented to make the game a bit easier on a phone or touchscreen tablet, but is also kind of nice on a PC. It should be pretty helpful when trying to dock with a moving capship.The updater-timeout changes should help improve connection resiliency, and also give users a bit more information to help debug connectivity problems relating to the game.

Old accounts reactivated, trials extended

To allow old and new players to try our recently implemented features, we have reactivated all expired Perpetuum accounts with 15 days of free game time. Additionally, we have extended all current and previous trial accounts by 15 days.

Come and have a look at distress beacons, the new sparks, and try the extension downgrading feature! This 15 day free game time starts Friday, 2011.10.28, so make sure you log in soon!

Old accounts reactivated, trials extended

To allow old and new players to try our recently implemented features, we have reactivated all expired Perpetuum accounts with 15 days of free game time. Additionally, we have extended all current and previous trial accounts by 15 days.

Come and have a look at distress beacons, the new sparks, and try the extension downgrading feature! This 15 day free game time starts Friday, 2011.10.28, so make sure you log in soon!

Vendetta Online 1.8.194

VO 1.8.194 includes:- Updated universe map background.- Updated textures for Leviathan, Hornet, Centaur, Wraith, Atlas, Ragnarok, Revenant, and some station components.- Updater times out on Linux and Android platforms if the connection stalls for more than 40 seconds.- Added different default settings for various Android devices.- Consolidated Bounty Hunter news reports to once a week.Graphics Updates - Texture resolution and detail have been improved where possible. In other cases, we simply improved efficiency and compression to reduce the memory footprint and give better performance. The new universe map background blends in better with the overall look of the game.Updater / Game Launcher tweaks - We've made some changes to the timeout behaviour of the update client that patches the game, in an effort to improve network error handling. For the moment, these changes are only present on Linux and Android, but will eventually be added elsewhere. If you have any problems, please let us know via forum post or (if critical) a Support Ticket.Bounty Hunter Consolidation - The automated bounty posts have been saturating the in-game news for some time, and we've now consolidated them to a single post which will appear once a week. This has been done in advance of making more significant use of the in-game news system, for special gameplay, more involved RP stories and other upcoming features.

Capsuleers Unite to Assist Chribba

9UY4-H, Providence. A few weeks ago an eight-man corporation known as Trzciciele Kawy planted Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBUs) at all the stargates in the system of 9UY4-H in Providence. The system is currently the home of Chribba, one of New Eden's most beloved capsuleers. Chribba has pledged to keep the station - known as Chribba's Cottage - open to the general public for as long as he holds sovereignity there, making it rare among capsuleer-owned stations.

Following the SBU placement, a general GalNet alert went out and in a matter of hours, droves of pilots descended on the system, ready to defend Chribba's sovereignty.

First to arrive was a mixed fleet from Empire space, composed of pilots who had volunteered from the 'Holy Veldspar' comm channel under the leadership of Obsidian Hawk of RONA corporation. They were shortly followed by a fleet that had initially formed to repel Sansha Incursions in Empire, under the leadership of Rustybronco of The Concillium Enterprises corporation.

Obsidian Hawk's fleet, in stealthbombers, started in on the first SBU. They were beginning to despair of ever finishing the job when a 120-man EVE-University fleet under the leadership of CEO Kelduum Revaan jumped into the system and added their firepower. Rustybronco's Incursion fleet had arrived by that time, and the three groups made short work of the first SBU.

Their celebration was shortlived however, as a large Northern Coalition. (NCDOT) fleet jumped in, pursued by another fleet. A brief three-way battle resulted, ending when the other unamed fleet withdrew from the system and the majority of the NCDOT force followed them.

Shortly thereafter NCDOT proceeded to jump in several supercapitals - sources are unclear as to whether the cynosaural jamming technology protecting the system was destroyed or deactivated by Chribba - and made short work of the remaining SBUs with support from the other fleets.

Unofficial sources within NCDOT mentioned that they had not originally intended to come to Chribba's aid, but had been on a roam in the area when they heard of the events in 9UY4-H. No official comment from NCDOT could be obtained.

Having accomplished their goal of freeing the system, the fleets from Empire started a mad dash back to safety, some having bravely flown to Chribba's defence in clones fitted with the very best implants.

When contacted for comment Chribba seemed a little stunned, saying that 'I did not really expect it all to turn out the way it did, seeing so many pilots, creating their own fleets, rallying to just be a part of things is stunning. Hearing that this was the first time a pilot ventured into 0.0, or even acted fleet commander makes it all even so much more fun.' He has promised to reward every pilot who contributed to his defence with a medal.

Trzciciele Kawy could not be reached for comment.

Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information regarding another event in New Eden? If so, please contact us with any information that you may have.

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Vendetta Online 1.8.193

VO 1.8.193 includes:- Updated textures for Valkyrie, Prometheus, and Marauder.- Expanded hardware server-cluster capacity (number of cores).- Improved software server architecture, should eradicate "stray NPC" issues. Please let us know if you see any remaining stray convoy bots.- User Keys can no longer be chosen as the main Access Key for capships and conquerable stations.- Access Keys should more accurately reflect their active status in the Keychain UI.- Added Audio Limiter setting to allow it to be disabled. The setting is located in Options -> Audio.- Changed default in-flight action for Android device 'Menu' button from toggling Flight-Assist to opening the Mission Log.- When using the Condensed UI mode on Android devices, a reminder about using the 'Menu' button to change game menus is displayed when the station or PDA menus are displayed.- Fixed a bug that allowed the capship Tactical menu to become visible on ships without turrets.- Improved race track graphics.Like the changelog says, we should hopefully have addressed any problems with stray convoy bots or NPC capships sitting in random areas of space. If you should see anything like this, or experience any other issues, please let us know. If the problem is critical, please submit a Support Ticket to get our attention more quickly. Thanks!

Vendetta Online 1.8.192

VO 1.8.192 includes:- Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Mine now has double the ammo (8), double the proximity radius (60m) and costs 1/10th to reload (10k per ammo).- Turbo sound effect modified to remove slight repeating pop noise on long duration usage.- Improved graphics for system backgrounds in Navigation interface.- Better visual quality for compressed textures on Snapdragon devices.- Made improvements to server stability and robustness, relating to sector startup and shutdown.More Graphics and Asset Tweaks - The system backgrounds in the Nav interface will look a bit different to most, but the degree of resolution will only be apparent by zooming in or with a very high resolution monitor (30-inch). However, even with the maps at four times the previous resolution, they're occupying half the video memory as previously. Plus, we have long-term intentions for these higher resolution assets.Server Side Changes Ongoing - We're still tracking and fixing some NPC related bugs, and re-working the way we handle certain types of database access. You should not be seeing any more "stuck" sectors, as we had pop up in the last week (this was an unintended side-effect of debugging the convoy problem). Please let us know if you see any problems, and use the Support Ticket system if you need to reach us more quickly.Thanks much for your patience and support, as always; and please keep the feedback coming on the Suggestions forum.

Patch Notes for Incarna 1.1.1

Released Tuesday, September 13, 2011.

The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:

  • Windows from Incarna 1.1 to Incarna 1.1.1 is 102 MB
  • Windows full client 4.4 GB
  • Mac from Incarna 1.1 to Incarna 1.1.1 is 112 MB
  • Mac full client 5.2 GB

User Interface

  • The corporation member list, when viewed with director roles, will now display blank ship info for docked characters instead of reporting them as flying the station they are currently docked in.
  • While using the system scanner scan results with less than 25% strength using three or more probes will now display the appropriate generic bracket for ships, structures, and anomalies.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause undocking characters to receive the error message, "Your ship is stuck, as server does not think that it is in a hangar. Please contact customer support to resolve this problem."
  • When docking a ship with the cargo hold window open the window will remain open once arriving in the station.

Graphic General

  • Lens Flares will now remain active when 'Interior Effects' is set to Medium.


  • It is no longer possible to online completely damaged modules in a station, thus preventing undocking in that ship.
  • Fixed an issue where reloading or switching ammo would sometimes fail to properly complete.


  • Resolved a Macintosh crash when exiting character re-customization.

Agents and Missions

  • The cargo capacity check for courier style missions did not correctly check skills and fitted modules. Agents have been informed of this error and will now only giving the warning if the ship's cargo hold is really not sufficient.


  • Exiting character customization in captains quarters will put your character in the correct position.

Client Update #1 for Incarna 1.1.1

Released September 13, 2011

Boosters and Implants

  • Boosters no longer disappear after logging out before undocking.


  • Another issue of modules becoming offlined has been resolved.
  • A case of characters being stuck when logging into the Captain's Quarters has been fixed.
Client Update 2  

Released September 15, 2011


  • Fixed a case of modules being offlined when switching ships in station.
  • Modules with charges are now correctly removed while changing subsystems if necessary.

Boosters and Implants

  • Booster penalties are no longer removed when undocking. Occasionally they will disappear from the augmentation tab but the changes are still applied. We will address this issue in a future patch.


  • Fixed an issue causing avatars to be invisible in the Captain's Quarters.
Client Update 3

Released September 22, 2011

Graphics General

  • Fixed a problem where player characters would be invisible if the client was installed in a location with non-ascii characters in the path.
Server Update 2

Released September 22, 2011


  • Technical update to keep the logs clean and the server healthy
Client Update 4

Released September 27, 2011


  • Fixed an issue that prevented modules from being unfitted in space using a ship maintenance array by dropping them onto the cargo icon on the fitting screen.
EVE Online Forums Update  

Released October 5, 2011

  • Threads will now autolock after 90 days instead of 21 days.
  • Everyone can now view the CAOD channel, whether or not they are logged in. Whether or not they actually want to is another story.
  • Some players reported that they were unable to log into the forums after their names had been changed or if they were logging in to the forums with a character that shared the name of a previously deleted character on their account. This has been resolved.
  • Character names that are overly long will no longer break the forums layout.
  • The Forum Rules link now correctly links to the right page.