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twelve systems captured in providence offensive

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.03.27 02:05:43

KBP7-G, Providence, Providence – In the past few days, Against All Authorities’ (commonly known as AAA) war against the Providence Holders has seen twelve systems captured from Sev3rance and Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL]. Sovereignty in the alliances’ former space has passed to AAA allies Sodalitas XX, Daisho Syndicate and Ushra’Khan (often called UK).

EvilPHish and Dany Danger of STEEL explained “It was expected of AAA to move swiftly and with full force. We had all systems jammed and all 307 moons occupied by control towers, so without setting up a staging [tower] they had to go for full force and take them all in one night… AAA had around 160 capitals, including Supercarrier and Titan-class vessels accompanied by between 300 and 400 conventional ships… They basically went from system to system dropping SBUs [and] reinforcing sovereignty structures as the SBUs went online.”

The STEEL sources said that this move was anticipated and preparations had already moved valuable assets out of harm’s way. “Even after they hit, we were still able to dismantle a large amount of towers… We basically only had towers and [fighting] ships in the Constellation.” According to evilPHish, these assets were moved to classified “backup systems” from which resistance will continue, with war declarations having been filed against the new Alliances entering the region – Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate.

EvilPHish considered the new entrants as somewhat inexperienced in nullsec activities. “They have shown extreme lack of tactics or knowledge. Many of their pilots were actually killed by warping to the cynosural fields we used to extract some towers. They were blindly warping to zero, something you should not do if you can’t be sure what waits for you once you exit warp. Their ‘spacetaking’ operations were lead by AAA so they are basically being ‘planted’… Until you live and breathe nullsec for a while you will be at a certain disadvantage. Let’s say it is already quite complicated getting your first ‘space’ and trying to understand all the [infrastructure] mechanics, timers… upgrades, station management, etc.

“Now if someone is constantly shooting at you it gets even harder and of course we try to use that to our advantage. It’s not like we were given a fair fight by AAA and it’s multitude of allies. We will return the favour. We spent 3 years in that space, we cultivated it and we built stations. I can’t imagine anyone just walking away after being driven from your home… We will stay here and fight for our stations until we get them back.”

Drakonido and FDXMadEva of Sev3rance commented that although there have been some noteworthy engagements, “The overwhelming power of the AAA block was nothing we could encounter head-on so in the end we lost the sovereignty over our systems but this was no surprise in the actual situation. The new Alliances entering this region need the backup of the big power blocs to be able to hold the sovereignty on their systems; this makes them vulnerable to attacks once the big blocs are out for big fights. It’s not that we want to take it back but there will for sure be people trying to take it and maybe we, who knows.” Asked to comment on eventual plans of adopting a more guerrilla warfare approach to the conflict, Drakonido commented “Guerilla warfare is an interesting kind of warfare… With the Black Op technology it can do a hell of damage without any warning ahead… We stand aside with our friends and fight our enemies, now without the limitations of having to care for space and its inhabitants.”

Sodalitas XX is one of the new alliances entering the region, currently with sovereignty over seven systems. Member Avernus said “We have friends [in AAA] that have done us a great favour. We were in the right place at the right time and knew the right people.” Avernus spoke about the operation to settle into their new systems. “It’s been a grind, which is to be fully expected. Now that the sovereignty issues are past us, we can focus on more enjoyable endeavours like killing the former residents. Amongst ourselves and our new neighbours Daisho Syndicate, with the aid of AAA and Atlas, as well as UK, we’ve taken on the simultaneous assault of 11 systems. It took a little while, but the numbers were very much in our favour.”

Avernus explained that for the moment, any neutrals entering the newly acquired constellation will find themselves engaged, but stated that his alliance is open to discussion regarding the future.

Daisho Syndicate is another new alliance to the region, currently holding sovereignty over four systems. Member Darth Sith described the offensive as a combined effort from AAA, Atlas, Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate in what is believed as “the largest hostile station offensive since [the sovereignty infrastructure upgrades], if not for as long as I can remember and not involving spies or effective opposition.” Eleven systems were reported as having been assaulted over a one day period and according to Darth Sith the operation involved 8 Titans, 30 Supercarriers and ‘various’ Carriers and Dreadnaught class vessels. He added that “Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate are not renters but alliances with long histories with AAA leadership and were invited to join the campaign. Other areas of Providence will be rented by AAA but the two constellations held as part of this assault are not based on rental agreements and no isk exchanged hands.”

The Daisho Syndicate currently plans to reinforce the new areas and then begin the assault on the remainder of the region, continuing their assistance to AAA. Darth Sith said the likely duration of the conflict was “hard to estimate at this time as [the Providence Holders] maintain sovereignty on 30 + systems in Providence including dozens of stations, but based on the resistance to date we anticipate a number of these mass assaults to clean up most of the remainder in the coming weeks… This campaign has shown that given overwhelming firepower, no station systems are safe [after the infrastructure upgrades], gone are the days where an alliance could hide behind the protective umbrella of a Sovereignty 4 constellation. In addition it has shown the power of the new Super Capitals and a return of them to the front lines of any effective combat group.”

space nuns mission of mercy extends to war-torn providence

reported by ISD Deacon York | 2010.03.17 22:14:13

G-5EN2, Providence – Amidst the ongoing conflict over the Providence region, the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK], colloquially known as the “Space Nuns” have embarked on a mission of mercy to the area.

Sister Louella Dougans, CEO of SHOSKThe Space Nuns first came to the attention of New Eden when they began saving stranded passengers ejected from capsuleer vessels or left in wreckage in the Domain region. According to Sister Louella Dougans, CEO of SHOSK, they have begun operations in Providence with the intent of being “a guiding light in the darkness” and saving those stranded by the misfortunes of this region-spanning war.

According to the Sister, the nuns use small fast ships (specifically the Executioner-class frigate) when conducting rescue operations in null-sec for their speed and maneuverability, but also for their minimal complement of non-capsuleer crew who would be at risk in larger vessels. Sister Dougans explained that her rescue missions are not without danger and admitted that she had lost “a couple” of such frigates while attempting to reach castaways.

There has been a mixed response to the nuns’ missions of mercy, ranging from remarks in the Local channel such as “God save us, it’s the Space Nuns!” to an offer to duel from an Ushra’Khan pilot, Cheif AutoParts of Universal Army. In general, however, Sister Dougans claims that local capsuleers from both sides of the Providence conflict have been receptive to her Order’s mission.

Sister Dougans stated that the nuns typically find abandoned passengers “at stargates and near stations” though sometimes they must use astrometric probes to locate them deeper into space. Such people have commonly been pulled from, or left in the wreckage of pirate structures such as casinos, brothels, slave compounds and hab units and left stranded to make room for more saleable commidities. To date the nuns have rescued “approximately 20 victims” which is dramatically less than previous their previous endeavours in the more populous Domain region. This may be a testament to the violence with which the Providence war is being conducted.

The nuns report that they have come across large numbers of capsuleer corpses, floating frozen in space, which Sister Dougans says the Sovereign Order incinerates with focused bursts of laser fire after “hearing the horror stories about what Sansha’s Nation pirates do with things they find.” She estimated that approximately 50 corpses have received this “cleansing by fire,” with the nuns stating “People might not like it to find out that their dead body is now piloting a Nightmare, or something like that.”

The members of SHOSK state that they will continue their work in the Providence region, taking no sides, hoping only to spare stranded individuals the perils of the vacuum.

The nuns averr that they show no prejudice amongst those they can help, who are often the cast-offs of the capsuleer community, be they dancers, janitors, homeless, slaves or slavers. Those they rescue are spoken to about the Amarr religious scriptures, then, through partnerships between the Sovereign Order and several humanitarian capsuleer organizations, taken to safe destinations where they can be returned home or gradually reintegrated into society if required.

providence holders lose four systems, aaa announces plans for the region

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.03.13 12:14:08

Y-MPWL, Providence – in the ongoing conflict in the Providence region over the past two weeks the Holders lost control of four systems to Against All Authorities [AAA], Ushra’Khan [UK], Systematic-Chaos [SYS-K] and Atlas Alliance [ATLAS].

The Y-MPWL system changed sovereignty control from Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] to AAA a little more than a week ago, an anonymous source close to AAA stated that this capture was part of the new offensive in the region, “operations are solely focused on a selection of locations which are of interest for sovereignty” and commented on recent reports of a ‘lock down’ of the Providence region through the control of Empire access routes, “during operations we lock down systems, but outside of operations Providence is pretty open to its inhabitants as well as travellers [and attacking alliances are not] focusing on dictating traffic or movements.”

The same source explained that the capture of Y-MPWL progressed quietly with no major engagements and that a minimal resistance of regular skirmishes between roaming gangs was encountered. Commenting on the overall conflict, the source went on to add “we still consider the conflict to be unfortunate… we also feel that it is not our job to deal with the populace of Providence since we have no interest in ruling it in any way or form. In regards to diplomatic solutions, unfortunately you could say the zealots find dealing with reality or even realpolitik irreconcilable with their religious doctrine. It is clear however that through face to face contacts, parties involved have managed to get a better understanding of each other’s viewpoints, even on their respective behavioural mechanisms. Unfortunately, such understanding remains on a level of capsuleers and is currently not enough as it seems to pave the way for organisational understanding.”

The G-5EN2 system was captured by UK on the following day with R3-K7K falling to Systematic-Chaos the day after and just a few days ago this period of engagements ended with 9-F0B2 being captured by ATLAS. Karn Mithralia of UK confirmed that while the other systems were taken with minimal resistance, in 9-F0B2 “ATLAS moved on it with their allies, mostly with input for UK, AAA and SYS-K… I believe it finally fell… Fidelas Constans [FCON] put up a very stalwart defence supported by CVA. They deserve a warrior’s respect for the way they fought against overwhelming odds.” Commenting on the different alliances taking control of systems in Providence, Karn Mithralia explained each alliance is seeking to establish a second gateway into empire as a means of securing strengthened supply chains to further support the offensive and as a means to control space. Regarding plans for the region, UK reported it plans to “hold those systems so that once CVA and their close allies are removed we can open access up to Providence again… we certainly do not seek to replace CVA and will not be forcing standings or rules of engagement on our allies… our vision of free space is not of a shepherd to sheep. Providence future residents will be able to stand on their own two feet.”

An anonymous source close to ATLAS reported that the Alliance has plans to “continue pushing until the Providence bloc is either destroyed or surrenders.” Tzuko1 of ATLAS commented on the capture of 9-F0B2, “we have not decided yet what to do with that system, but we will surely not keep it – I think some renters will be interested in it.” Referring to the Providence ‘lock down’, Tzuko1 added: “it’s true we are controlling exits and jump bridge systems too, no one gets out… our capital fleet is ready as you can see [we are] hot dropping Rorqual’s, Freighters and Carriers in the area with our capital and super capital vessels – we just did not have [any engagement where we could properly use our capital fleet].”

Manfred Sideous of AAA explained that the recent offensive was the “next logical step” after pausing aggressive action twice to give CVA a chance to consider peace. “We regret CVA leadership’s position but are committed in our task to secure our borders from strategic threats.” Asked to comment on AAA’s plans for the region Manfred Sideous answered “we intend to repopulate Providence with many alliances, currently we have over 20 lined up. All will be handed an area for which to grow from. We do not intend to govern Providence other than to enforce a no sovereignty war rule to protect these new and young budding alliances. Their politics will be for them to decide individually, we will just ensure that they have a real chance at growing without being steamrolled by a large hostile force.” Asked to explain how exactly this sovereignty was going to be distributed, Manfred Sideous explained “we are basing it off a few criteria [such as] alliance size [since] we want them to be able to utilize the space they will retain [as well as] geography… to make sure that we keep groups in a consolidated area instead of spread out across large areas. Some groups will have very small areas while others will have larger areas. It should be noted that we intend to keep a few of the current Holders in place as well.” Further details are currently classified but AAA has “a pretty clear gameplan going forward… in the short term Providence is very hostile environment with the goal of making it very inclusive to small groups of players wanting to taste and experience [nullsec]. The exit points will be controlled sovereignty wise but there are no designs to police or restrict traffic through them. Providence is like a rainforest currently we are weeding it and will replant it with a bounty of new inhabitants.”

Asked to comment on the overall conflict, Manfred Sideous stated “it is a large undertaking with the new [infrastructure] mechanics [to take] 50 stations. So far it is going as expected. The frequency of fights and battles has gone down but this is expected… [it] requires effort and work… we realize this and are meeting the challenge well. CVA is committed to an attrition style defence, whereby their intended goal is deny [large engagements] and minimize isk loss for them so they can rally when/if we lose interest. So the lack of resistance is understood.”

CVA executor Aralis confirmed that in 9-F0B2 the Providence Holders lead the assaulters to suffer hundreds of casualties in ships and showed great suspicion of AAA’s current plans for the region: “I doubt many are foolish enough to fall for such nonsense. I feel sorry for any who are. It’s obviously intended as some absurd propaganda. Though as even a four year old could see it couldn’t work and nobody with any sense would trust them I can’t really see why they bother.”

Commenting on the Providence ‘lock down’, Aralis explained “self evidently they have hit the exit systems. There is no lockdown.” Regarding the overall conflict Aralis maintained his previous statements about a long engagement and stated that in his opinion the conflict is still in the very early days. “We are being attacked by half of [New Eden]. I think our victory is still some way off. Clearly this will be a long war. Even the faithful will not quickly vanquish such a collection of enemies.”

failed sovereignty transfer leads to conflicts over six systems in providence

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.02.20 09:09:24

Z-RFE3, Providence – a leadership succession followed by a failed sovereignty transfer to a new alliance caused Providence Holder Aegis Militia [AM] to lose ownership of six systems in Providence and intense fighting in the affected systems with Against All Authorities, Ushra’Khan (commonly known as AAA and U’K respectively) and allied alliances.

Former AM executor K5Project explained that after taking over executive roles six months ago and rebuilding AM “back up strong on its feet”, the recent sovereignty war with AAA lead to several internal problems with spies and corporations that were “making problems if you asked them to do something.” These issues lead to a decision to assign AM executor leadership to ShadowandLight of Hammer of Light [HROLT] corporation.

Jason Marshall of HROLT claimed “A group of the corporations in AM, mostly station owners, were tired of a lot of the smaller corporations who were not keeping to standards. They had lax recruitment policies and were not bringing the fight to Ushra’Khan. On top of that, the old AM was full of spies. We wanted to form a new alliance to purge the fat and disease.” Upon taking executive control of AM, ShadowandLight was reported as intending to reform the alliance under a new name – ‘Retribution Incarnate’ – and HROLT left Aegis Militia to form a new alliance.

According to Shooter McGaven of Demio’s Corporation in Aegis Militia, “When the time came [for the sovereignty transfer] there was either a glitch or someone… didn’t tell the exact truth… The exec of AM… dropped sovereignty at the same time in all systems… The new alliance was not ready to take back sovereignty in any of the systems… Aided by the mass confusion of many AM corps not knowing what was going on, U’K and AAA were able to come in and plant TCUs in most of the systems. What was left of AM… rallied and took out all the TCUs that U’K planted.” TCUs are Territorial Claim Units, used to stake claims for sovereignty over a system.

Ushra’Khan officer BHaddow stated “To our understanding, there was an internal dispute within Aegis Militia that turned into a power grab. As a result of this their sovereignty was dropped… With Aegis Militia’s alignment being pro-slavery, Ushra’Khan decided to step in to try and take sovereignty in some of the systems… We are not interested in holding the space for a long period of time, however the fight against slavery often forces one’s hand… [This is] nothing of the scale we saw when we helped our allies AAA claim D-GTMI from Paxton Federation, however the fighting has been around the clock.”

Shooter McGaven went on to report that the two alliances and the Providence Holders are working together to recover the lost systems and that the current plan is to have HROLT reintegrate Aegis Militia while a new leadership plan is being worked out.

Asked to comment on the Aegis Militia situation, Aralis (the executor of CVA) said that CVA was informed of the Aegis Militia decision to change leadership and added “This is an AM internal matter. We have confidence in HROLT and hope that the new alliance will go to greater heights… Our thanks to K5Project for his long leadership.”

Following a yet-unexplained “quirk” which caused first Ushra’Khan and then Aegis Miltia to lose sovereignty shortly after taking it in 3D-CQU and Z-RFE3, Aegis Militia has now recovered control in four of the six lost systems: 0B-HLZ, 18XA-C, 3KB-J0 and I-MGAB. Fighting for sovereignty control is still currently underway in systems Z-RFE3 and 3D-CQU.

the providence war: part iv – the return of unity

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.02.15 11:10:27

9UY4-H, Providence – “Deliverance Reclaimed” outpost in 9UY4-H system fell to Ushra’Khan [UNITY] on the 08.02.112, with system sovereignty falling into their hands the following day. Ushra’Khan have been fighting Amarr loyalists Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] in Providence for half a decade; they originally held sovereignty in the system which was home to their first outpost, “Unity Station” until it was conquered by CVA.

Ushra’Khan allied with Against ALL Authorities, who currently reside in Catch adjacent to Providence, after the losing their space in Providence in the so-called “Unity War” of 109 and joined AAA in their retributive invasion of Providence following incursions by Providence Holders into AAA space in Catch.

9UY4-H StationThe siege of 9UY4-H station lasted less than a week and on 08.02.112 the station fell to Ushra’Khan. UNITY are claimed by the Providence Holders as a major enemy of Amarr interests in New Eden. Sources among the Holder alliances of Providence claim 9UY4-H system is an important trade hub and of strategic value as a central location for most access routes to Empire space.

AAA was reported to have brought over 400 pilots to the siege, fielding several super-capital vessels.

Karn Mithralia of Ushra’Khan said that his alliance has waited a long time for this opportunity.

Regarding the invasion of AAA’s systems in Catch, Karn expressed surprise at the turn of events. “CVA is usually cautious and skilled in strategic decision making. The timing of the war in Querious was perhaps coincidental, but regardless, it was obvious AAA would not walk over this [move] so close to [their] home systems.”

“We have worked for near three years building our strength, undermining the enemy, breaking their Holders and throwing as much energy as we could into our allies wars so they would have reason to do the same for us.

“Nothing inspires Ushra’Khan to fight like the opportunity to fight slavers and their Holders. We were already fighting [alongside AAA], fully committed, are used to working together, have good [communication systems] in place, fleet discipline and knowledge of what to expect from each other. Yet even then we didn’t expect to stand so soon once again in Unity Station; we knew our allies in AAA respected CVA’s settlement efforts in Providence and expected some level of return to status quo, we hatched our plans to move on other weak points but then again things played to our favour.”

Karn Mithralia considered ‘Amarrian hubris’ to be the major factor that lead to CVA not backing down, which in turn lead to AAA and allies assaulting Providence with full strength.

AAA’s other allies, Systematic Chaos were heavily involved in D-GTMI and 9UY4-H; “freespace” and transhumanist alliance Star Fraction are independently invading the space of CVA’s allies Sev3rance in western Providence and ATLAS have sent roaming gangs into Providence to engage Holder forces.

Asked to comment on his alliance’s plans for the conflict, Karn Mithralia first expressed his surprise at the lack of resistance when entering 9UY4-H and then added “We need to secure our hold, it’s early since we have taken [only] one station. Providence is a highly-populated space. It is possible that CVA and their Holders will rally in Northern Providence about their home systems. And I have no doubt Sev3rance won’t go down without a fight.”

Aralis of CVA considers this capture as “more of a problem for them than for us”, since the opposing forces are now left deep inside the Providence Holders territory and this exposes them to facilitated CVA offensive actions. Members of CVA continue to express confidence in public that Unity Station will return to its Amarrian name of Deliverance in due course, but Unity station provides a toe-hold not just for AAA but for Ushra’Khan’s other allies in the anti-slavery and Minmatar loyalist movements. Aralis (executor of CVA) has stated that he is prepared for a long war – exactly the course it will take remains to be seen.

the providence war: part iii – internal struggle

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.02.14 23:56:56

D-GTMI, Providence – Following the capture of D-GTMI system in Providence from Providence Holder-alliance Paxton Federation, Against ALL Authorities (commonly known as “AAA”) offered a 72-hour cessation of sovereignty warfare, during which negotiations could take place between AAA and Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and their allied Providence Holders. CVA rejected the cease-fire offer and the subsequent terms of territorial non-aggression put on the table by Against ALL Authorities, which led to dissent among those Holders that backed CVA and those who wanted a swift end to the conflict.

A few days after the fall of D-GTMI, Manfred Sideous of AAA issued a public statement on 31.01.112 in which they invited CVA to negotiate a settlement of the conflict. In this press release, he claimed “As it currently stands, we have spoken with CVA leadership, stating our intent to not cause permanent harm, even with a scenario of a return of the D-G system, and informed CVA leadership of -A- holding back (unless again provoked) until [01.02.112] at midnight pending their reaction and willingness to contain the current conflict. However, even this has been refused.”

Virtuozzo of AAA said “It’s no political document; it’s from one group of soldiers to another group of soldiers… When push comes to shove, it really comes down to Curatores Veritatis Alliance choosing to expand its dominion in the wrong direction, at the expense of the wrong alliance.

“As much as we regret it, there are some unwritten rules that apply to all alliances active in lawless space, and as such we can but react and continue to react.”

According to documents leaked from CVA’s alliance network, discussions did take place between CVA executor Aralis and Manfred Sideous of AAA in which AAA offered a treaty that would return D-GTMI to Paxton Federation and cease further invasion of Providence by AAA, in return for CVA forswearing any future attacks upon AAA sovereignty in Catch. Sources claim that no more extensive NAP was offered, however, meaning Against ALL Authorities pilots could still pursue Providence Holder pilots and any other pilots roaming in the region – their gangs could be engaged by CVA but the Holders would be unable to take any action to permanently remove such gangs by ousting AAA from the neighbouring space. On behalf of his alliance, Aralis declined.

Asked to give his perspective of the overall situation, Virtuozzo replied “It’s a shame the current mess – in spite of our reputation and our usual preferences… we are not enjoying the current situation of having to slaughter pilots who are essentially stuck with a situation caused by flawed vision of leadership.”

An anonymous source inside AAA confirmed “Based on what I know, AAA doesn’t want to destroy Providence because it is considered a training ground for new pilots… The Providence Holders brought this upon themselves.”

Galandrius Malkin, a former member of LFA, commented that some Providence Holder alliances “were trying to get the Holders together to force CVA to accept AAA’s non-aggression pact… The Holders were split between prolonging the conflict and settling for peace… The LFA block disagreed with [continuing engagements] and all LFA pilots were barred from attending offensive actions… defensive actions were still approved… [My corporation] disapproved of Lasterax’s measures and supported fighting AAA… Other corporations have expressed opinions similar to our own… LFA was assisting in defensive actions in Providence and individual corporations left LFA and have gone pro-war.”

An anonymous source within LFA commented on internal affairs immediately after the fall of D-GTMI: “As far as I understood, AAA announced to CVA… a 72-hour cease of sovereignty warfare – and AAA knew how to use this time very well… They started to heavily roam Providence with a focus on D-GTMI, 9UY4-H and all entries to Providence. We had several mercenary corps… in Providence as well as small to medium sized gangs of AAA, Ushra’Khan, Systematic Chaos and others. At the same time AAA made a [public declaration that] was very successful at spreading an open conflict between CVA and the Providence Holders; it even lead to LFA being removed as a Holder. After a few days of [internal disagreements, we] decided to stand together in this fight… and the inner conflicts have been resolved.”

LFA leader Lasterax commented “Unfortunately some internal Providence Holder discussions were intercepted and made quite public… Suffice it to say, LFA voiced our disagreement with CVA regarding AAA’s offer of a treaty to end hostilities in Providence and Catch and return things pretty close to the status quo… LFA has made a commitment to fight with our friends should they be attacked.

“We don’t agree with pursuing attacks on sovereignty and won’t be engaging in them… We believe there was a diplomatic solution to be taken there but apparently CVA and AAA couldn’t come to terms on it. I think the future of Providence lies in finding a diplomatic solution to the issue or else everything that has been fought for down here will be lost… It would be too bad to see the only region in null-sec that welcomes neutrals and rookie pod pilots fail because of a failure to work out our differences and find a solution that would benefit everyone.”

Aralis of CVA expressed his view on the current situation: “AAA offered some [unappealing] conditions for peace… A permanent sovereignty non-aggression pact and the return of D-GTMI… I have no doubt they thought were generous.

“There are always a few [that do not want to] fight, usually those pushing hardest for a fight in the first place… Most people are brave and solid. With the current power of Titans and the [problems with spatial anomalies], a large scale victory is not currently possible. We have a wide variety of tactics that we are confident will bring us eventual victory. But a two-year war would not be a surprise.”

Outpost Upgraded

Steel Daggers upgrades their Outpost with a Caldari Basic Outpost Laboratory Plattform. This will offer an additional five ME, PE and Copy slots. This operation took place over 2 Downtimes.

Steel Daggers build their first Outpost

On 23rd August 2009 the Steel Daggers Corporation placed its first Outpost in the XV7L-S Constellation. This Caldari Outpost will improve the research possibilities in this constellation. Prices are set to the average in Providence, slots and dockingrights are available to neutrals. Jump Clones are available for 15 million.


Y9-MDG, Providence

Daggers Cove is currently under Sev3rance management.