Vendetta Online 1.8.623-632

A recap of updates since the Holidays:Vendetta 1.8.632- Four new custom-made missions.- Capital Rail Cannon Turret weapon fire is now displayed on the radar as yellow blips for Windows, Linux, and Android platforms. Mac and iOS updates are forthcoming.- Added a GetPOI() function for plugins, returning known wormhole and station locations in the local system.- Fixed issue with Android version not saving chat to errors.log file.- Fixed issue with users with renewed membership not being able to use the /report spybot command.- Experimental performance enhancements to sectors, for conditions involving large battles or extreme NPC counts.Vendetta 1.8.631.1- Fixed isue with lua 'Error in error handling' error on Linux and Android platforms.Vendetta 1.8.631- Four new custom-made missions, available in various trees.- Added a /selfdefensetime command to show the status of your self defense timers against other players within your radar range.- Fixed issue with Self-Defense timers ending after 15 minutes from first attack instead of from last attack under certain conditions.- Fixed issue with non-addons being displayed in the Addon Equip list while piloting a capship.- Fixed issue with Turn and Strafe Left/Right analog gamepad commands becoming inverted when moved to the opposite analog stick.- Fixed issue with SN30 Pro Bluetooth gamepad not setting up default values for the L2 and R2 buttons on Android.- Prototype of new game-client Lua runtime environment with enhanced performance, now available on Android and Linux platforms.- Server-side performance optimizations, relevant to large-scale battle conditions and high NPC counts.Vendetta 1.8.630.1- Fixed lua errors with various plugins.Vendetta 1.8.630- Eight new custom-made missions.- HUD leadoff indicators now match the color of the weapon group each port is in when group coloring is enabled. If a port is in more than one group, the color of the first group it is in will be used.- Fixed lua error when a group member destroys another ship.- Fixed issue with plugin-generated commands doing the wrong thing after an interface reset. All commands created by plugins are now unregistered when the interface is reloaded. Plugins now have to re-register their commands.- Fixed issue with ipairs and the # operator.- Fixed lua error when attempting to display the Ship Buy-back menu.- The Game.OpenWebBrowser() function now only accepts HTTP and HTTPS urls.Vendetta 1.8.629- Prototype of new game-client Lua runtime environment with enhanced performance, being tested first on Windows.Vendetta 1.8.628- Four new custom-made missions.- Strikeforce will no longer attack their target after the TempKoS expires.- Fixed rare issue with Strikeforce not properly leaving when they cannot find their target.- Fixed issue with putting the player at the wrong location after taking control of their capship.- Fixed issue with Keyboard/Mouse setting not being saved on Android devices that have both a touchscreen and gamepad connected.Ven