Vendetta Online 1.8.451

VO 1.8.451 includes:- Fixed issue with dynamic shadows not rendering properly on Windows.- Guild commanders can now appoint lieutenants if they are not logged in.- Guild members are now notified at login of any guild actions taken on their character while they were not logged in.A few more small changes and improvements, as we work towards some larger developments in the background. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.448-450

VO 1.8.448-450 included:- Integrated ClickCommander plugin and named it MultiClick. It allows commands to be bound to single, double, triple tapping, and holding buttons/keys. A UI to set up various actions is in the Settings -> Controls -> Keyboard tab as a button labeled "MultiClick Settings".- Integrated WeaponSafe plugin as a command called /weaponsafe that effectively deselects weapon groups so fire controls don't do anything. To reemable your weapons, select an existing weapon group.- Integrated the Multi-Aim plugin that adds the option for multiple lead-off reticles, one for each port, up to 5. It can be enabled in Options -> Interface -> HUD Settings.- Added a 'Gunners' tab to the Ship tab that contains UI controls for the /gunner command.- Increased maximum number of Guild Lieutenants to 5.- Fixed spurious "Unable to jettison that type of cargo" message when logging in.- Locust Swarm trails are now red.- Capship Swarm turret trails are now green.- Integrated the Trigger Colors plugin. It is disabled by default. The setting to enable it is in Options -> Interface -> HUD Settings named "Use Weapon Group Trigger Colors". When enabled, the HUD weapon group display highlight is blue if the weapon is connected to Primary Fire, Magenta if it is connected to Secondary Fire, and Yellow if it is connected to Tertiary Fire. If the weapon is connected to more than one trigger, the highlight will be multiple colors to indicate which trigger it is connected to.Over the past month, we've released lots of UI changes and feature additions that had previously been solved by player-created "plugins". This makes the "base" game client more full-featured, and gives new players more direct access to these enhancements. Additionally, when we implement these features directly, they're usually faster and more optimized than the player-created "plugin" version, making a better-performing game for everyone.We are still evaluating the implementation of other plugin features. In some cases, we're considering different ways of storing data, even storing things on the game server, so content like "asteroid prospecting results" might be easily shared across different client logins and platforms. But, all of this has various technical ramifications, so some changes are faster to drop in than others.We're hopeful that we may be able to drop in some newer gameplay content before long, in addition to these features. We've also had a lot of other development in progress over the last few months, which will hopefully be well received when it's able to debut. All of bears directly on our march towards the launch on Steam and beyond. Thanks everyone!