Vendetta Online 1.8.420

VO 1.8.420 includes:- New Centaur graphical ship assets, across all platforms.- New Ragnarok and Hornet graphical ship assets now available on iOS.- Improved Windows XInput device detection.- Fixed lines disappearing in Gamepad menu on Windows.Please let us know if you run into any problems with this version, especially the new Centaur graphics assets.Have a great weekend, everyone!

Player Thefts and Gameplay Ethics.

We have a long-standing policy of not getting involved with player-versus-player or guild-related "thefts" or "espionage", and it appears a reminder is needed of this fact.If you give another player a large sum of credits (or manufactured goods, or whatever) with an expectation of an exchange for some other good/service, and they instead "run off with your stuff", that is NOT cause for administrative action.As long as the game mechanics are used as-intended, and there's no "exploit" or account-compromise, or other external-factor involved, and everything happens within the context of regular gameplay.. then we consider it to be a part of regular gameplay.As far as we're concerned, this game is built as a framework, a model to which people may bring their own behaviours and ethics. The fundamental existence of piracy in our game, defended as a legitimate means of accruing wealth, gives a clue to the variable ways in which the game may be played. We, the developers, do not pass judgement on who should be a pirate, or who should be EMS or some sort of altruist, that is the player's choice to make.Probably the most fundamental decision players have to make in VO is "who to trust". Is this person on radar going to attack me and take my stuff? Is this guild-member going to behave responsibly? Will this exchange of manufactured goods go as planned? These choices are your own, and are made at your own risk.This doesn't mean we approve of people behaving badly or in an un-trustworthy manner, but it does mean we don't take administrative action to reverse the results of bad decision-making or trust issues between players.We ARE open to Suggestions (posts on that specific forum) on ways of improving the game to mitigate issues with un-trustworthy people.But, fundamentally, we do not get involved if you give someone your stuff (or access to your stuff), and they run away with it.Guilds should consider carefully who they choose to trust. People have spent months rising in the ranks of guilds for no other purpose than emptying their bank, stealing their other content, or practicing espionage on behalf of a rival guild. Again, we don't pass judgement on this.There have been "thefts" or trust-related issues resulting in the losses of Billions of credits over the last year, and we have not reversed or refunded any of them. These join many other incidents (large and small) over the past years, where we also refused to get involved.Be Cautious! It is a large and scary galaxy, and not everyone has your best interests at heart. If you do choose to trust someone, do so knowing that that decision is yours alone, and you have to live with the results.

Vendetta Online 1.8.419

VO 1.8.419 includes:- Android gamepad analog sticks now use a linked sensitivity curve.- Updated damage indicators for the new Hornet and Ragnarok.- Added a Gamepad Settings menu for PC when a gamepad is detected.- Fixed blank screenshots on Windows when Anti-Aliasing is enabled.- Fixed VR settings not getting properly reloaded when a gamepad is detected.- Fixed plugin issues when changing HUD options to hide touch-region discs or changing the size of the regions.- When a player with a passenger enters a sector and they are hated by the monitoring faction, and the passenger is also hated by the same faction, the passenger no longer gets ejected.Lots of tweaks. The Android gamepad curves should provide a valuable improvement on that platform.Similarly, let us know how the new Gamepad Settings menu works for you on the PC? It should be a big improvement, but like any major new item, it may have some aspects that need tweaking. The menu is another step towards supporting use-cases like Steam Big Picture, or generally allowing more convenient re-mapping of gamepad controls while in VR, etc.There's a newsletter in the works, as well as another ship-update, and more. Hopefully next week, but we'll see how it goes. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.413-418

VO 1.8.413-418 included the following:- Goliath may now be manufactured from the shipyards in Latos.- New Ragnarok graphical ship assets, across all platforms except for iOS (delayed there, but coming soon).- Older non-manufactured Goliaths purchased through the LTS testing program have been revoked, but their inventories and addons will be retained in the respective stations.- All Manufacturing missions will now return components to inventory if the mission is aborted before the current set of objectives are achieved.- Fixed possible buffer overrun in multi-threaded renderer when there are a lot of effects going on at the same time.- Fixed issue with many effects starting up concurrently when a entering a sector that has been running while empty of players.- Input menu should now fit on smaller screen mobile devices.- Touchscreen HUD components are now sized and placed relative to a 1920x1080 screen size for phones that are higher resolution.- Fixed an issue with the look-around tutorial in the Offline Training Simulator where it stopped responding to input.- Added option to hide the touchscreen discs on the HUD. It is located in Options -> Advanced -> Interface -> HUD Settings- New Hornet graphical ship assets for Android.- Added "Designate Enemy" option in the Target HUD menu. It tags the currently selected ship as an enemy when pressed.- Added optional larger HUD touch regions on Android and default to using it on phone-scale devices.- Touchscreen analog (left) throttle/strafe region now uses linear input for more rapid response.- Touchscreen analog (right) orientation input now defaults to an improved "vector cube root" curve.- Multiple input curve options now available for both touchscreen analog regions.- Touch input regions now use linked X-and-Y axes for more uniform sensitivity.- Disabled input filtering for touchscreen devices, with options to re-enable.- Touch tracking circles are now drawn in the HUD touch regions.- New "flight/strafe" tutorial back-propagated from "HD" version to regular Android release.- All Android versions now default to the Platinum UI skin.- Android non-VR font now defaults to NTR-Regular.- Removed un-needed "Use UI With Head Tracking" option for Gear VR and Daydream.- Improved graphics for Hornet variants, on PC platforms.- The old EC-88 is now only available in the Latos N-2 station. Related missions have been updated to indicate this.- Fixed potential crash on Android Daydream version.- Daydream version now defaults to "look-to-select" user interface, if a full gamepad is detected.- VR Cockpit now defaults to Alternate 1 when HUD is not in locked-to-head mode on Android.- Moved the radar displays inward and chat display downward when VR HUD is in locked-to-head mode on Android.- Added Ren