Vendetta Online 1.8.519

VO 1.8.519 includes:- Corporate Sector Run prizes have been added. 100k credits for each System the racer complets along the designated route. 50k credits for each kill of an eligible racer outside of Odia M-14. Top prize raised from 5M to 9M credits.- Corporate Sector Run advertisement and registeration descriptions have been updated.- Fixed lua error when displaying System Notes.- Fixed issue with Trade mission's Procurement list being blank in the new dynamic economy sectors.- Improved NPC path-finding persistence between sector restarts.We intend to continue expanding and refining automated Events, like the Corporate Sector Run race. If you have feedback on how existing events work, or ideas for additional events, please feel free to post about that on Suggestions.

Server Side Updates, VO 1.8.518

The 06/12 Server-Side Update (last night) included:- Leviathan weapon fire no longer goes through thinner asteroids. Should also impact Conquerable Station Turrets, etc.- The NPCs no longer use the internal docking bays on the station in Verasi I-5.- NPC AI path generation has been improved and adjusted.- Our ability to visually debug problems with the NPC AI path generation has been improved.VO 1.8.518 included:- Added new NPCs to the Unknown System that may pursue you throughout the system.- NPCs may continue to aggro on pilots after they dock and re-launch from capships.- Queens now defend the Leviathan instead of drifting away.- Fixed lua error when attempting to load system notes that plugins created.The change to high-speed Gauss from large turrets should make for improved strategies in approaching Leviathan, Conquerable Stations and the like. Note that this is a physical-impact change; it's possible there are some long-lived visual effects that may still pass through objects, for the moment, but you won't be damaged by them.Other tweaks to Queens and more elaborate cross-system NPC behaviour should also prove interesting, and lead to more content down the road.