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April Newsletter: Upcoming VR releases and other news!

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If you aren't subscribed to our newsletter, be sure and take a look at the latest via the web. There are a few previews of our current work for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR, as well as other news and tidbits for the near future.
Vendetta Online April 20th 2016

Vendetta Online 1.8.372-377

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VO 1.8.377 included:- Serco border defense turrets have been added to the Geira Rutilus O-4 wormhole, on the Serco-Deneb border.- The giant Latos M-7 station has been replaced with something more reasonably sized, to let capship owners get from place to place more quickly.- Faction standing display and radar-color for ships with multiple docked players now shows the highest standing of any given player onboard the vessel.- Sporadic rendering glitch, related to shadows and threaded rendering, has been fixed on OSX and Linux.- Guild member limit increased to 1,000 members.*** Vendetta 1.8.376- Improved performance of the DirectX 11 driver by utilizing instanced geometry.- Fixed rendering glitches when shadows are enabled on the Windows client.- Fixed issue where multi-threaded rendering wasn't being used the first time the client is run in DirectX 11 mode.- Fixed crash when logging in while being awarded a ship livery.- Improved the Offline Training Simulator's initial animation to be more VR-friendly.*** Vendetta 1.8.375- Vendetta Online public VR Prototype now has support for Oculus SDK version 1.3, enabling consumer Rift headsets. To allow the game to use the Rift, the Unknown Sources option must be enabled through the Oculus App settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right, choosing 'Settings', selecting 'General', and then checking the 'Unknown Sources' option.https://support.oculus.com/help/oculus/878170922281071- Improved the VR in-station hangar bay.- Increased general performance of the Windows client.*** Vendetta 1.8.374- Fixed lua error when viewing ship liveries under certain conditions.*** Vendetta 1.8.373- Small bugfixes and security enhancements.- Furies are no longer attacked by conquerable station defenses if their owner has IFF rights.*** Vendetta 1.8.372- Changed the way the Windows Updater handles missing installed path registry entry.- Changed Rift Offline Training Simulator initial demo scene and removed black backgrounds of tutorial menus.------------Obviously, we haven't been making newsposts for awhile, partially due to GDC travel, and partially because of a lot of "background" releases with good engineering-changes that are not the most exciting from a gameplay standpoint.But, tonight we pushed an update with a fair number of small gameplay tweaks, and we expect to be doing more of that in the near future. Also, keep an eye out for the Newsletter, which should start to go out sometime this weekend, bringing with it a few further updates on VR, 1.9 and the state of the game. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Vendetta Online April 16th 2016

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