About us:

We are a 5 year old corporation specialised in industry and production.

As a member of Offline Hero’s Retirement Home, we are mostly offline and brag about how it was better in the early days.

Our members are mainly located in the european timezone, and aged from 30 to 50.

For any questions, feel free to send a mail to our diplomats limbodennis or Commander Wookie.

Our Policy is NRDS in Providence and Empire and NBSI in the rest of Nullsec.

Our Blue List:

  • Apocalypse Now. [APOC]
  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]
  • IndependenceDOTDOT [IND..]
  • more to come as soon I hear from my diplos…


Those alliances are blue. Only those. And no others. You are not on that list, you are then either neutral or (more presumably) red.

Steel Daggers