Vangel Won in Poker Tournament

Jita, The Forge - The Vangel Tournament at EOH Poker concluded on 07.08.113 with winner Maurospanthiras receiving an Amarrian Vangel cruiser valued at approximately 30 Billion ISK.

The Vangel is a limited edition cruiser produced exclusively as a prize for Alliance Tournament IX. While such rarities are seldom fielded in combat, the Vangel is described by one combat pilot, Shiroi Okami, as combining "the strengths of a Sacrilege and a Curse with the weaknesses of neither."

Runner-up Askgar Elzoop received a 12 month Pilot's Licence Extension (PLEX). The third place winner received 6 months in PLEX, while 4th place was awarded a Blood Raider Bhaalgorn battleship.

Tournament organizer Selene D'Celeste said that the event had gone smoothly and was very successful. EOH Poker currently holds over 9,000 capsuleer accounts and has tracked over 105 trillion ISK in wagers since its conception in year 109.

Maurospanthiras said he was excited for a chance to win a legendary ship. Having won it, he said he plans to keep the Vangel rather than sell it on for the 30 Billion ISK pricetag, but laughingly said "I can't fly Amarr for the life of me."

Runner-up Askgar Ezloop said he only signed up with EOH a week before the tournament began and so was amazed to discover that he had received a seat in the match. "I've never seen more than 1 billion ISK... so to suddenly have 12 PLEX, it'll change my... life."

EOH Poker has concluded a special 30-seat tournament to celebrate 30,000 registrations, awarding a 30 Billion ISK Vangel cruiser to the winner, Maurosanthiras, along with Pilot's Licence Extensions and Blood Raider ships for the remaining competitors.

GalNet References

Vangel Tournament Announcement
EOH Poker

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Capsuleer Cloned by Sansha’s Nation

Rasile - A week ago, another Sansha wormhole appeared in the Rasile system where capsuleers battled and defeated a Sansha Revenant piloted by Slave Tedra01, a name also recognised as an Interstellar Correspondent reporter.

Tedra Engaged In the week prior, ISD Tedra Kerrigan gained access to a private facility in the Stain region. There, she was allowed an exclusive one-on-one interview with Sansha Kuvakei to discuss the increased Sansha activity within New Eden. There is now evidence suggesting that before her return, she was cloned and her memory wiped.

Upon hearing the news of the battle against her Sansha clone, ISD Tedra Kerrigan was shocked. She entered Rasile and gave visual confirmation of her own clone. It was at this time she received an anonymous letter containing the unaltered transcript of her interview with Sansha Kuvakei.

During the battle, Slave Tedra01's devoted cries "for Nation", were met equally by capsuleer's calls "for freedom". This abduction seems to be yet another case of civilians and capsuleers being drawn, unwillingly or unknowingly, into Sansha's ranks.

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An interview with Sansha Kuvakei

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T.R.I.A.D Celebrates Capsuleer Reaching 10.00 Standing

Molden Heath - Teonusude Republic Independent Agency Division [T.R.I.A.D] has announced that a capsuleer has reached the highest agency standing available.

Axl Borlara has been crowned the first capsuleer in the agency's history to achieve the highest standing possible of 10.00, an achievement which T.R.I.A.D founder DeT Resprox, was very pleased to announce: "To reach 10.00 is an incredible achievement in itself and shows Axl Borlara's dedication to the cause. Axl is now the proud owner of the first ever issued 'T.R.I.A.D Elite' medal which is only awarded to those who have reached 10.00 agency standing."

Axl described his feelings towards receiving the highest standing and what he did to achieve it: "I am somewhat surprised to say the least, but very proud of the achievement... The majority has been supply missions via the T.R.I.A.D market. The agency has its own fully functioning market. Capsuleers can sell items to the agency, gaining agency standing and loyalty points as well as the obvious ISK."

When asked about capsuleer participation within T.R.I.A.D, DeT Resprox stated that "some campaigns can have up to 30 capsuleers involved. These campaigns can last several hours, days or even weeks depending on the objectives. In the past month, 137 missions have been taken up".

With such activity within the agency, it is surely only a matter of time before we see more capsuleers awarded the "T.R.I.A.D Elite" medal.

GalNet References

Axl's profile
T.R.I.A.D mission agency expands into militia warfare

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Sansha’s Nation Attacks Trade Routes

New Caldari, The Forge - Sansha's Nation forces have been assaulting trade routes throughout New Eden, disrupting both market hubs hubs and popular shipping routes.

Over the past two weeks, Sansha's Nation forces have attacked multiple solar systems including Kador Prime, New Caldari and Altrinur. It is their newfound interest in trade routes, however, that is causing concern among capsuleers.

Capsuleer Ace Echo, who was present during the New Caldari attack, said "This recent rash of attacks seems to be part of Kuvakei's plan to disrupt and destroy capsuleer resistance directly. Attacking the economic base of the galaxy is a sure way to grab attention and to do damage to the core of New Eden." He went on to speak specifically about the New Caldari incursion. "This assault, close to a gate into Jita, was successful in taking out many neutral trading ships that were unsuspecting of the dangers at the gate." He believed that a Nation attack in Jita itself would prove too difficult for a Nation force, however, drawing swift and powerful defence.

Capsuleer Grideris, a combat pilot with an anti-sansha stance, also expressed a belief that Sansha's Nation is focusing its attacks on trade routes. "I believe they are doing this to try and break our ability to fight them. If Sansha's Nation were able to effectively cut these trade hubs from the rest of New Eden, it would cripple us."

Capsuleer Hector von Hammerstorm, a self-declared Nation sympathizer, expressed a different view to Ace Echo and Grideris. "I don't think it's a full-out attack; rather, they are attacking those gates to remind capsuleers 'We know your trades routes, and we can do something about it, if we wish.'"

Vaerah Vahrokha, a trade specalist, provided an analysis of the actions of Sansha's Nation from an economic perspective. "Sansha's Nation attacks on trade routes are an attempt at cornering the markets and thus the progress of the affected regions. Whether this is just to disrupt and defeat defences or to convince the populations to accept Sansha's one-way deal is not known."

Vaerah offered advice for those caught up in Sansha's Nation attacks on trade hubs and shipping lanes. "Capsuleers may rake benefits from the situation. They may join the defendants as well-paid soldiers or may form a network of smuggling agile and fleet-defended ships to breach Sansha's Nation blockades and be rewarded by the local populations."

GalNet References

Sansha Victory in Kador Prime
Sansha's Nation Attempts Jita Blockade
Capsuleers Successfully Drive Away Sansha's Nation Forces in Altrinur

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Patch Notes for Incarna 1.0.1

Released Tuesday, June 28, 2011. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:
  • Windows from Incarna 1.0 to Incarna 1.0.1 is 13 MB
  • Windows full client 4.5 GB
  • Mac from Incarna 1.0 to Incarna 1.0.1 is 9 MB
  • Mac full client 5.9 GB

Table of Contents



User Interface

  • An issue with the scaling of the Noble Exchange (NeX) store window has been fixed.
  • An issue that occurred with the Items window when clone jumping has been fixed.
  • Tabbing while in the login screen will no longer change the focus from connect to being unfocused.
  • BPOs and BPCs can now be uniquely identified in cargo scanner results when scanning a ship carrying a courier package, yarrr!
  • The bracket around the CQ mirror will no longer be incorrectly visible when the camera is in certain positions.
  • Overview brackets, and brackets in space, will no longer be missing the right hand side for battleships and capital ships.
  • The Client Update loading bar will now start at 0% instead of at 40%.
  • Pressing tab to collapse windows now works in station.
  • When using a text entry box that supports auto-completion the drop down menu will now correctly hide after selecting an item.
  • The Corp Recruitment UI will now display the end date for advertisements.
  • The Corp Recruitment UI will now expand and show recruiters.
  • Fixed the Corp Recruitment UI to better handle applications for large volumes of applications. The applications have been split into a separate tab, can be sorted, and can now display more than three applications at once.
  • The "reconnect to lost probes" button on the scanner is now only active if you have a probe launcher fitted.
  • Added a page counter to the search results of the Agent Finder.
  • You can now search for agents by both region and solar system in the Agent Finder.
  • Agent levels are now easier to select in the Agent Finder.
  • "Remove Solar System from Overview" option no longer appears in the right-click menu for Bookmarks.


  • Resolved light flickering on ATI CrossFire enabled hardware.
  • Fixed shadow rendering in the New Character Creator.
  • The character creator will now load after changing character lighting and then clicking the back button.


  • Resolved a crash issue when loading into the Captains Quarters.
  • The Corporation "Edit Member" function has been fixed.
  • The client would occasionally crash if jumping when the client was minimized. This has been fixed.
  • When running full screen on the secondary monitor, the mouse will no longer jump to the primary monitor when clicking.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by undocking from station.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak when undocking from station.
  • Fixed an issue, that on very rare occasions, could cause the camera to disconnect from the players avatar in the CQ.
  • Fixed an issue, that on rare occasions, could cause the mouse cursor to not behave as expected in the CQ.
  • Additional server side errors relating to the mouse controls within the CQ were fixed.
  • A defect where shipTypeIDs were always zero (0) in the KillLogs has now been fixed.


  • Salvager modules will no longer receive bonuses meant for tractor beams.
  • While using a Focused Warp Disruption script in a Warp Disruption Field Generator I a bubble-effect was sometimes shown for other pilots. This is no longer occurs.

Boosters and Implants

  • Active boosters no longer prevent clone jumping. Remember to always boost responsibly!


  • An issue causing skills to not be applied to ships has now been resolved. This will be addressed in a future release. Currently you can apply a workaround which is to relog in a station or Log off in space, wait until your ship gets removed from space and then log back in.


  • The Mac client will now close properly after pressing the close button on the top left of the game window.
  • Resolved an issue on the Mac where an interior shader instruction didn't take into account LOD bias.
  • Fixed the Mac ILR flare issues for Caldari stations.


  • Item names in the NeX store have been fixed.

Captain's Quarters

  • Fixed an issue where an avatar would be unable to move when undocking and redocking while sitting.
  • Fixed an issue where UI buttons on balcony became active while sitting on the sofa.
  • Fixed an issue where Bounty content was displayed at Stations where no Bounty Office existed.

New Player Experience

  • A typo in "Help: Combat Tactics – Working with Transversal Velocity (Pt I)" has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Epic Journal not reporting the correct mission status of a completed arc.
  • Fixed an issue with Voice Over not playing in step 2 of 3 in "Fitting your Ship" for the Amarr.
  • Fixed an issue with the Russian localization tutorial image to point to “Set Destination” instead of “Set Waypoint”.
  • Players performing the second mission of the Newbie Tutorial arc will no longer receive a faction standing hit.
  • The Industry Career mission agents have been resupplied and will now provide a Miner I so you can complete the mission.

In-game Browser

  • Fixed an issue with permissions with the in-game browser causing it to crash when opening.

Client Update #1 for Incarna 1.0.1, released June 28, 2011

  • This client update fixes a mouse related map issue introduced with EVE Online: Incarna 1.0.1. We strongly urge you to download and install this client update. This update will be presented immediately after you install Incarna 1.0.1.

Client Update #2 for Incarna 1.0.1, released June 30, 2011

User Interface

  • Agent Finder tooltips will now give the correct hint depending on if you were docked or undocked.
  • Repair hp and the number of defense modules fitted no longer overlap in the Fitting window.
  • Station guest lists will now sort immediately when docking.

Graphic General

  • The ship on the login screen will no longer skip its animation when the logging in. The ship only stops during authentication and picks up again from where it left off.


  • Fixed several memory leaks when undocking from a station.

Server changes, released June 30, 2011


  • Fixed an issue with drones causing skills to not be applied to ships.

Client Update #3 for Incarna 1.0.1, released July 5, 2011


  • Adjusted settings under which simulated cloth is applied: Simulated cloth in CQs now requires High Interior Quality in addition to the main character creation option, as well as the possibility of hardware support.
  • Added support for ATI Crossfire GPU configurations (Light flickering issues).

Server changes, released July 5, 2011


  • A bug where skills would not be applied after a clone jump has been fixed.

Starbases, Stations and Outposts

  • Starbase control towers are no longer losing shields during downtimes.

Client Update #4 for Incarna 1.0.1, released July 21, 2011


  • Resolved a rendering issue for turret icons, including turret blueprints, which would cause them to not render or render as black squares. Symptoms included info windows, market UI, and the container UI scrollbar not working for these items. Turret 3d assets were in no way affected.

Client Update #5 for Incarna 1.0.1, released August 9, 2011

User Interface

  • Using a shortcut will no longer cause the action bound to any of the modifier keys to activate. No more locking targets when you try to ctrl-space!

Server changes, released August 9, 2011


  • Error results now have different cachedUntil timers depending on the type of error. An error below 200 is cached for 12 hours. 200-300 is cached for a day, and 500-600 is cached for 15 minutes.