Vendetta Online 1.8.269-70 and updates.

VO 1.8.269 and 1.8.270 included:- Collision damage calculation now works more like the 2012 version, but retaining the improvements to threading, etc.- Concussion Railguns now reloadable.- Collisions of less than 50HP of damage are ignored, so small bumps don't result in actual hull damage.- New "Power Cell Blaster" available at a Research station, somewhere in the galaxy. Depletes the enemy power cell by 50 units per hit.- The Xang Xi Self-Propelled Concussion Mine can now be reloaded. - Fixed missing textures on improved ETC1 assets for Android if the shaders are disabled.- Fixed Tegra 4 detection on Android 4.3.- Tegra 4 and Adreno 320 (and above) based devices now use full screen resolution instead of upscaling.- Better auto-detection of android-based consoles.Some long-awaited gameplay fixes and improvements, which will hopefully resolve some player concerns, along with an all-new weapon type that allows the remote draining of an enemy Power Cell. This can be used to prevent an enemy from jumping to another sector, or opening a wormhole to another system. It's a totally new game paradigm, so there might be some related bugs, as always we welcome feedback via the Bugs forum, or Support Tickets if the issue is more sensitive.Earlier in the week we launched the updated backgrounds, planets and other improved graphics on the Android platform, along with interface improvements for micro-console and set-top-box type devices. Basically, Android devices without touchscreens and featuring an internal "TV" flag will be auto-configured for "TV Mode", an evolution of the interface we built for the OUYA. Similarly, we've dialed up the default graphics settings for the latest chips, so players with NVIDIA Tegra4, or Qualcomm Adreno 320 or better, will get a high-detail experience with native display output (1080p or more, unlike the defaults which "upscale" 720p). This can make for a pretty impressive TV-playing experience, especially with a high performance device like the MadCatz MOJO.The timing on these mobile changes were important, to help support some of our partners, as well as position the game for some enhanced exposure in the mobile marketplace.We are still continuing to work on the persistent-mine and persistent-capship features. We're being particularly careful with certain critical aspects of development in that area, as it touches on a lot of fundamental game concepts. But progress is still being made, and we'll start to ship it as soon as we're solidly confident in the code.Have a great weekend everyone!

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Need to catch up with what's been going on this week in EVE? CCP Phantom has you…

Need to catch up with what's been going on this week in EVE? CCP Phantom has you covered

This week in EVE #22 - Week 48/2013 - EVE Information Portal - EVE Online Forums
This week in EVE #22 - Week 48/2013: "This week in EVE" is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events and shows what is going on in EVE Online. The focus of this overview is on official news from CCP: For example, dev blogs and important forum posts by CCP developers, the ever...

Exploit: Bumping in order to prevent E-Warp

Bumping a ship in order to get it stuck in emergency warp alignment limbo when its pilot logs in is now considered an exploit.

Ships undergoing emergency warp upon appearing in space have no means to activate modules, cancel warp, or otherwise defend themselves during this period; they cannot be stopped by any warp disruption mechanic. Bumping them during this period renders the ship in question utterly helpless, against the intention of the game mechanics.


•           This does not apply to pilots who get legitimately aggressed under normal game mechanics, preventing their ships from disappearing from space. Use safe logoff whenever possible.

•           This specifically applies to those pilots who disappear from space after logoff and appear again upon logging in.

Thank you for your attention.

A little over a week in, and our amazing community is still raising thousands of…

A little over a week in, and our amazing community is still raising thousands of dollars for the people of the Philippines through a multitude of initiatives in New Eden including charity drives, auctions and crowd sourced funding.

EVE Community, best Community!

PLEX for GOOD: Philippines Typhoon Relief - EVE Community
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