Vendetta Online 1.8.565-566

VO 1.8.566 includes (tonight):- Fixed Border Skirmish capships going to the wrong sectors when the battle is over.- Fixed issue with cancelled Access Key deletion CAPTCHA causing CAPTCHA to appear at next login of the same client run.- Non-Premium idle-timeout CAPTCHA now functions the same as all others, and will fail on "Escape".- Fixed issue with "Getting characters..." menu sometimes appearing on top of the Character Select menu.- Failed login attempts now fully disconnect from the server.- iOS App Store update with improved login times and fixes.VO 1.8.565 included (last week):- Improved robustness of macOS and iOS In-App Purchases.- Fixed internal analytics on iOS.- Fixed issue with Account Info menu not showing proper active statusA lot of bugfixes, along with further measurement and improvements (behind the scenes) to make the game more robust for new players. Also, trying to push Mac-store updates, but running into challenges, due to subtle platform changes and updates from Apple. Anyway, hopefully those headaches and delays will be resolved before long.Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vendetta Online 1.8.564

VO 1.8.564 includes:- Capship under attack messages now include the name of the attacker and notifies the owner when its shields go down.- Added progress bar to "Getting Characters" and "Entering Universe" menus seen when logging in.- Station ship purchase tutorial now resumes at the proper point if the client restarts or the player closes the Options menu.- Android changes to further streamline the new user experience.- Fixed issue where passengers were ejected from a capship when the owner takes control of it.- Fixed issue where players were unable to enter a broken sector.- Fixed issue where bots may stop attacking player capships with passengers.- Fixed issue where a player's remote capship disappears if they log into a sector when their active ship is a capship and the remote capship is in the same sector.- TyCorp Assaults can now attack in pairs.A wide variety of small fixes and improvements, following up from the major internal updates last-week. Please continue to keep us posted about any Bugs you find, via the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online – July Newsletter

The latest Newsletter is out, covering a number of recent topics: includes details around:- Sammic Ore- Deneb Cross-Galaxy Teleportation- Capship Improvements- The Cargo Tractor Beam- Instant and Guild Notifications- Faction Standing updates- Joystick and Gamepad improvements- An update on Localization and Menu developmentPlus other information. Take a look!

Vendetta Online 1.8.563

VO 1.8.563 includes:- Fixed Storm Radar Extender not using the correct Grid Usage.- Fixed Deneb War unaligned fighters not attacking their target if the target changes sectors.- Fixed issue when trying to command the remote capship at the same time it is jumping between sectors.More changes in the works, but mostly just focusing on stability and bugfixes for this week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.562, TeamDX on Saturday!

Remember to stop by for TeamDX, around 8pm Central on Saturday! Also..VO 1.8.562 includes:- Remote capships can now be commanded to "Follow" the capship Owner, as well as "Park", even if the capship is in a different sector from the Owner. If a capship is commanded to "Follow" the Owner, it will attempt to reach them as long as they remain in-game. If the capship is told to "Park" while already trying to reach the Owner, it will "Park" where-ever it happens to be when the command is issued. Only these two commands will currently work across sectors, for now, the combat and mining related commands still require the Owner to be in the same sector as the capship.- Remote capship commands now require the Owner to be fully remote: When an Owner docks to their capship, any existing Remote commands will be cancelled. New Remote commands will not be accepted until the Owner undocks again. All commands are cancelled upon Owner log-off.- Additional server analytics around new characters have been added, to help improve the new user experience.- Server-side architectural changes, designed to improve the handling of player-inventory data, across the universe. These kinds of changes will be periodically taking place for some time, but they should enable some really positive advantages, both for future gameplay development, as well as server-side challenges.These are some significant changes, which should further expand on the utility of owning a Capital Ship. As the game Galaxy continues to be expanded and enriched by new content, we expect there to be many new opportunities to be "far from home", and surrounded the wonder, hostility, and uncertainty of the unexplored.Have a great weekend, everyone! Please let us know of any issues via the Bugs Forum.

Vendetta Online 1.8.560-561

VO 1.8.561 includes (last night):- New mineable Ore: "Sammic". It is rare, has a high mass, and is available only in the Unknown System. Expect it to play a part in future Manufacturing goals.- Cross-Galaxy Teleportation: Members of the Serco and Itani Militaries may access Missions to utilize experimental teleportation facilities located in Dau L10, Geira O4 and Eo I7. Transport is for a character only, does not move any ship or cargo, and includes a nominal fee.- iOS gamepad configuration: Changes to button and axis definitions should now save properly.- Fixed issue with joystick axis binds not properly updating in the Calibration menu when they are changed in the Gamepad menu.- Improved login performance across all devices. Further improvements are coming.- Experimental simplication of first-time character creation for Android, automatically choosing name and nation selection. Additional characters may be created with full manual control.- Fixed issue with Self Defense notifications being sent too often.VO 1.8.560 (last week) included:- Automatic cargo tractor beam allows easier pickup of nearby crates. Currently defaults to "on", but may be disabled with the /cargotractor command. The cargo tractor beam only functions for "small" type ships, not capships, and has a limited range of only 8 meters. It is intended to help acclimate new players who struggle to pick up drops when starting out. Further configuration options may eventually appear, such as ability to enable or disable tractoring for particular classes of crates.Beyond this, there has been a tremendous amount of work in the background, fixing bugs and issues and otherwise improving specific situations; as well as research into making the game more functional and accessible for everyone.Because of the substantial changes, lately, there is an above-average risk of new Bugs (despite the lengthy testing that has gone into all of this). Please report any you find on the Bugs forum. Situations that may be exploitable can be sent in via Support Tickets, but general Bugs are best posted to the forums, where they can get feedback from more than one person.Thanks everyone, have a great weekend and (in the US) a great holiday!