Vendetta Online 1.8.457

VO 1.8.457 includes:- Fixed issues causing the game to freeze on the Oculus Rift and in Simulated VR Mode.- Fixed bug causing classic DirectInput flight-sticks to be improperly recognized and configured as gamepads on Windows.- DirectInput flight-stick buttons are now named by button number, instead of by gamepad-style concepts.- Chord button combinations will no longer be bound by default for DirectInput joysticks. This should not impact most gamepads, which use Xinput instead of DirectInput.- Added a new default control layout for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick.Hopefully some more joystick and other improvements coming soon, as we continue to clean up the PC version in advance of a Steam launch. Enjoy!

Vendetta Online 1.8.456

- Pirate Clan Tridents will now drop items on destruction. Some common items will appear frequently, but occasionally you may see capital ship parts drop as well (FCP, FFSA, and even more valuable items).- Fixed broken skybox issue with Low and Medium background settings.Notably, the probabilities for capship component drops are all calculated separately per-item, so it's entirely possible that you could have several high-value drops happen at the same time. However, this probably won't happen very often.More improvements to the game next week, and some possible announcements. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.455

VO 1.8.455 includes:- Increased the default dead-zone of the analog triggers on gamepads, to reduce "spinning" issues with flawed hardware.- Fixed an issue with the 7-day guild disband timer not being cancelled under certain conditions.- Fixed a recent bug with stats tracking of currently active players.- Other server improvements and bugfixes to non-player-visible issues.Lots of other development in the background that's not yet ready for release. Also, another Newsletter is due in the near future. Stay tuned!

Vendetta Online 1.8.452-454

VO 1.8.454 (tonight) includes the following:- Pirate Clans now respawn 8-16 hours after their destruction.- Added debris and hulks to the Pirate Clan capship sector.- Added ability to double-tap a sector in the navmenu to add notes, for gamepads and mobile devices.- Fixed Trident hulk material on PC.Earlier recent updates included:VO 1.8.453:- Turret ports are no longer show Multi-Aim reticles.- Added name tab-completion to these menus: Gunner Invite/Accept, Give Access Key, Buddy Invite/Accept, Group Invite/Join, Ignore Player.VO 1.8.452:- New first-generation implementation of NPC-based Pirate Clans. Every few days, one clan may spawn in a deep Grayspace system and invade the wormhole sectors of that system with aggressive pirates. If an individual NPC pirate ship is damaged over 70% (but survives), it may then be followed back to another empty sector, where their capship hideout may be discovered. Destruction of their capship hideout will then result in all pirates leaving the system. A few days later, the process may start again in a new location. This is only the most basic framework implementation, but will eventually lead to more progression, like badges, bounty hunting of specific pirate clans, conflicts with the Hive and minor Factions, rare drops, as well as Clans gaining strength over time and becoming a greater threat to the region if their hideout is not dispatched. Stay tuned!- Fixed issue with the Gamepad menu buttons not being visible on devices with aspect ratios wider than 16:9.