Vendetta Online launches for Google Daydream VR!

As of today, Vendetta Online is now available for Google's Daydream VR platform. This means, if you own a Pixel, Moto Z, or other Daydream-compatible phone, you can play Vendetta Online in fully immersive virtual reality!There is comprehensive support for the Daydream controller, although for advanced gameplay we still recommend a full-sized bluetooth gamepad (SteelSeries, Moga, Razer, Nyko, etc).The game is available via a separate Play Store install, for $2.99, and otherwise uses the same business model(s) as the regular Android version (Free to Play, Lite, or Premium subscription). For more information, check out the Google Play Store:

Vendetta Online 1.8.410-412

We haven't updated news recently, but there've been quite a few new changes in the last few weeks..VO 1.8.412 includes:- Taking damage now aborts the logoff timer.- Added a new, third optional cockpit model for VR.- Muted players are now able to remotely command their capship via msg commands.- Private messages are now echoed to chat in the SendChat() lua function instead of being echoed by the caller of SendChat(). This is intended to make plugin chat activity more transparent to the person running the plugin.- Premium accounts that have never paid (used subscription keys instead) are not eligible for pledging as a Long Term Subscriber, unless the key is for at least a year of time.VO 1.8.411 includes:- Added two new cockpit designs to VR. They can be selected here: Options -> VR Options -> Cockpit Design- UI updates for upcoming Google Daydream release.- Attempt to fix rare crash on Android 4.4 devices.VO 1.8.410 includes:- Ship selection list cargo branch is now expanded by default.- Collision damage no longer resets the capship's shield repair timer.- NFZ TempKoS no longer gets triggered when a player shoots at their own capship.- Fixed bug on PC clients preventing mines from being destroyed by energy weapons.- Players under TempKoS with a specific faction may no longer gain standing for that faction, for the duration of the TempKoS timer period.- Players under TempKoS may now accumulate faction losses, for the given faction, during the TempKoS period. Losses are applied after the TempKoS ends.- If a player is docked to a capship that does NOT belong to them, and enters Guarded or Monitored space where their standing triggers the launch of a Strike Force, the player will be ejected from the capship, or returned to their home-station if they do not have a ship.- "/vote mute" will now succeed with only 5 votes, but mutes for only 30 minutes at a time. Successful mutes and participants are reported to the developers. Players found to be abusing the mute-voting feature may be permanently stripped of their ability to vote, and muted themselves for an extended period.- Added Decelerate to list of available commands for analog inputs on gamepads/joysticks.- Fixed Invert setting for Trigger inputs on XBox One controllers in Windows to go from center to left instead of right to center in the Joystick menu. This allows the Accelerate/Reverse command to work as Reverse on an inverted trigger.