Vendetta Online 1.8.490

VO 1.8.490 includes (06/28/19):- Aim and Throttle touch regions now have variable sensitivity, with a separate bar that may be adjusted for each field to raise or lower the control sensivity levels.- Default sensitivity settings for Aim and Throttle touch regions have been improved. To restore classic functionality, set the sensitivity levels to 2x in Controls -> Touch.- Aim and Throttle touch regions are now optionally set inwards a little to reduce the chance that the Android Menu bar is activated. Enabled by default for phone form factor devices.- Sensor Notification is now enabled by default for new users, and set to "Player Only".- Changed "entered the sector" sensor notification text "entered your radar range".- The "Touch" tab is now selected by default on Touch platforms, when entering the Controls menu.- Renamed and moved various Interface HUD touch settings to Controls -> Touch.- Fixed issue with Field of View not being fully restored when entering sectors using First-person Cinematic Camera Mode.- Fixed issue with Text To Speech volume control not functioning properly on Oculus Go.Basically, this may be the biggest single improvement in mobile/touch game usability that we've made in a long time. It covers a number of areas, including the discovery of a long-standing bug in the touch control UI, and a lot of small improvements to help people configure things to best suit their particular play style.No, we have not integrated a fully-configurable UX yet (a-la DroidButtons), but this should at least be a big help in the meantime.If you run across any bugs, please post them to the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.489

VO 1.8.489 includes (06/21/19):- Drain Mines have been buffed from 250 to 1500 in power-drain impact.- Violating NFZ six times in a 24h period, with a single faction, causes Temp KOS for 24 hours for that faction. Corvus is excluded from this.- Text To Speech volume control now works on Oculus Go.- Guild and Group members are now tagged as friendly on the radar.- Text colors are now configurable by skins with a custom config.ini file located in the skin's directory.- Capship Swarm Turrets have been nerfed from 25 to 35 grid power, to limit combative power against planned higher-level NPCs.The capship adjustment at the end is pretty controversial, understandably so. However, it's already been said that Capship-v-Capship gameplay is not yet implemented, and the current loadouts are overpowered, which is going to cause problems in the rollout of new PvE goals (basically, creating far too much of an advantage for capship ownership). So, as with any set of major changes or updates, you can expect other things to be adjusted.It doesn't mean anyone will be left defenseless, or that people's investment in their capship will be devalued. If anything, the value will increase in time. But, adjustments will be made throughout the process of change. It's been some years since we've had major gameplay updates, and some newer players aren't familiar with the process: Don't stress out too much, we'll get through it, and the game will be far better and more interesting as a result.

Vendetta Online 1.8.488

VO 1.8.488 included (06/14/19):- NPCs will now continue to persue and attack you if you get too far away.- NPCs now gradually orient their ships to the plane of the sector.- Fixed performance issues in Nav menu in the Windows version.- Fixed navroute text using the wrong font in the Windows version.- Fixed issue with new target selection boxes when the feature is disabled in the Windows version.Addressed some long-standing issues with bot behaviour, an area we're continuing to work on improving.

Vendetta Online 1.8.486-487

VO 1.8.487 includes:- Target Ping latency indicator for currently selected target is displayed by color of the word "Ping" to the right of the Distance field. The color Green for < 150 ms, yellow for 150 to 300 ms, red for 300 to 500 ms, and blue for over 500 ms. - Your own Ping latency is indicated underneath your ship's Health percentage on the right-hand side of the HUD (PC/mobile), the same colors are used.- Fixed issue with Android version choosing the wrong screen size and clipping off half the view.- Save Password setting defaults to checked for mobile versions.- Windows version has a new experimental feature that displays selection boxes and names on other ships.Type "/set rAllTargetBoxes 0" (without the double quotes) to turn it off.There are 4 modes, and the default setting is 3:1 - Only boxes around every ship2 - Boxes and name around every ship3 - Boxes around every ship and names for players only4 - Boxes around every ship and name for only the selected shipThe box and name fade out between 500 and 1000 meters away.Configurable settings are rAllTargetBoxFontSize defaulting to 6, rAllTargetBoxFontAlpha defaulting to 0.25, rAllTargetBoxFontFadeMinDistance defaulting to 500, and rAllTargetBoxFontFadeMaxDistance defaulting to 1000.VO 1.8.486.1 included:- Capship hulks no longer prevent you from jumping out of the sector (people incorrectly thought this was a "time delay" in the Unrat sector, for instance).- Fixed issue with Android Updater on old devices.VO 1.8.486 included:- Fixed issue with hybrid monoscopic not showing leadoff targets or other positional radar elements in Daydream.- Fixed black boxes in background on Windows.- Anisotropic setting in DirectX 11 are now applied immediately and default to 8x.A number of updates and improvements lately. This latency indicator has been long-requested, and hopefully it provides some value to people, being able to see how their ping compares to that of others, during PvP combat.By putting some work into this area, it does open up the possibility of more elaborate mitigations to certain network-related issues in the future; but make no mistake, a lot of this is complex and time-consuming engineering, with a lot of testing and tuning required. We still have a huge current-workload that's on a fixed timetable, so don't expect us to suddenly change our entire priorities from what we've been explaining over the last year. But, know that it is an area where we're making enhancements when we can.Feedback is welcome on all of this, particularly the new "selection box" visibility stuff on Windows, and the functionality of the Ping Indicator. Please use the Forums appropriately for any thoughts (Suggestions, Bugs, General, etc).