Vendetta Online 1.8.491 and NPC fixes.

Tonight's update is largely server-side, and should fix a lot of the "aggro" problems with NPCs. Please continue to report any issues you see on the Bugs forum.- Hive Queen escorts ("Retinue") will now aggro properly when you attack the Queen, or when you attack any respective escort. We may further bump their aggression, but for now we're just trying to fix the problem.- General issues with NPCs "running away" after being attacked should now be resolved. You can aggro many NPCs onto yourself by attacking them.Again, we're looking to add more interesting behaviour, but right now this is just intended to "make sure we've fixed the known issues" before changing things further.VO 1.8.491, last week, included:- Added 64bit support for Android, requires App Store update.- Fixed crash on exit for Android when Voice Chat is enabled and disabled.Some of the visible changes recently haven't been the most exciting (like 64bit Android), but we've had some external deadlines that needed to be met, like Google mandating a hard requirement for 64-bit Android apps in August. Normally, something that would be trivial for us, but because of an external library requirement, it became something that required a bit more time and planning to come together.We intend to push a variety of mobile updates over the next month, bringing the mobile versions "up to date" for another lengthy period of time, while also hopefully streamlining the introductory experiences for new players, as well as rolling out a lot of engine improvements to mobile.There are also other major projects and server-side developments that more directly impact gameplay, which are slated for the near-term. All in all we hope to see a few different areas of content be updated or improved in the near future. Stay tuned!