Vendetta Online 1.8.615

VO 1.8.615 includes:- Two new custom-made missions.- Added ability to equip/unequip addons and load/unload cargo for players who are docked to their own capship and there is enough available cargo space.- Player's remote capship location and health are now displayed directly on the HUD. The option to toggle it off is in Options -> Advanced -> Interface -> Hud Settings and is called "Show Remote Capship Info".- Fixed server-side synchronization issue with player inventory.There is a temporary requirement that you must un-dock and re-dock with a given fighter to be able to equip items to it within the capship.

Vendetta Online 1.8.613-614

VO 1.8.614 includes (tonight):- Four new custom missions available in different Major Nation stations.- Added an option in the Ship Buyback menu to prefer addons already in local storage, rather than buying them. If the addon is not in storage, it will be purchased.- Added a 60 second tractor-beam cooldown for crates that you jettison. This means, for 60 seconds after a given crate is jettisoned from your ship, it will not be picked up by your ship's tractor-beam.- Implemented an all-new channel 100 Discord relay, from scratch, which is now operated and maintained directly by the developers. Please report any issues on Bugs.VO 1.8.613 included (last week):- Four new custom missions, available in various trees.- Fixed two additional client-side Lua bugs.- Fixed Android crash on startup.- Fixed issue with player-owned capships getting stuck in secondary sector instances.Have a great weekend, everyone!

Vendetta Online 1.8.612

VO 1.8.612 includes:- Three new custom missions, available in various trees.- Fixed rare issues with NPCs getting stuck traversing sectors.- Fixed several client-side Lua bugs.- Server maintenance and update, further improved server performance and scalability.- Improvements to server-side analytics, measurement of database performance.Much of the major maintenance updates have been performed, a few will be held over until next week. We've continued to expand on the scalability of the game server, as evidenced by some of the large-battle testing from Friday night.Please keep an eye out for any bugs, and quickly bring them to our attention on the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend!