Vendetta Online 1.8.398

VO 1.8.398 includes:- GearVR: Significant improvements to analog stick sensitivity, for game controllers such as those made by SteelSeries, Moga, Razer and Nyko. Custom sensitivity curve is now applied, allowing better "small motion" accuracy when aiming. Center deadzone has been reduced, and outer saturation deadzone has been eliminated entirely, giving an additional 13% of analog input range. Continued feedback on this is welcome, on our forums.Basically, the goal here is to improve support for playing the game with a console-style game controller, particularly in VR. From our own testing and usage, this above change is a big improvement, but we may continue to tweak things before we bring to across to other platforms. We also intend to eventually add more heavily customizable options for controller sensitivity.Notably, this change was a direct result of recent feedback from GearVR players on the Suggestions forum. Thanks for the input, everyone, and please continue to let us know how this update changes things.

Vendetta Online 1.8.397

VO 1.8.397 includes:- Powercells are now classed as "Large" and "Small" for capships and fighters respectively. Each type of ship may only use powercells for the given class. This allows more expandability of powercell types for both classes of ship, without concern of exploitative usage of powercells on other-than-intended ship types.This change has been met with a certain amount of (expected) controversy. However, the description is accurate. The goal here is to create a system where Capship class powercells can become an intriguing and expanded set, without impacting exploitability cases on smaller, fighter-class ships.This is particularly critical for the introduction of new classes of capships, like the upcoming Goliath. The Goliath will likely introduce its own powercell, with different properties, and we'd like to see various other upgrades available for all capships.This is always what was intended. The usage of fighter-class FC powercells on Tridents was never part of the design. It was simply held over for a long time, due to a lack of development resources. So, now we're going about improving things, and this is the first step.If you'd like to be involved in the discussion on what NEW powercells should be created for the capship class, please visit the Suggestions Forum.

Vendetta Online 1.8.396

VO 1.8.396 includes:- All empty sectors in Capitol systems that contain Training Sectors are now Monitored.- Fixed issue where no menu was visible after doing an auto-generated account conversion on mobile devices.- Made some tweaks to the management of powercell energy in capital ships, during jump-out.The fact that Capitol systems are now entirely Monitored (at least) was actually intended to be implemented a long time ago, but someone failed to finalize the changes. Major-Nation Capitols can be expected to be fairly heavily patrolled, so this kind of response shouldn't be too surprising. As always, we're open to feedback on any changes like this.Many other tweaks and changes are on-going (including the Goliath), along with efforts to bring some neglected platforms back up-to-date. Bigger news to come in the November newsletter.Have a great weekend, everyone.