Vendetta Online 1.8.427-429

VO 1.8.429 includes:- Items and Ships that are visible in the station menu, but not purchasable by the user, will now provide a more detailed explanation of their purchase requirements.- Fixed issue where selecting an un-purchasable addon via the arrow keys caused the 'Purchase Selected' button to not become disabled.- Fixed issue with the description of un-purchasable addons showing a "Item will be placed in station storage." message.- Added more hulk and space-junk assets, not yet released into the demonstration sector.VO 1.8.428 included: - Updated Constellation hulk collision mesh.- Added more types of collidable debris.- Fixed possible crash or extreme memory usage under certain circumstances when starting Vendetta Online.VO 1.8.427 included:- Added five new types of physically-interactive space debris.- Space debris can now be damaged and destroyed.- Latos F-12 test sector updated to use additional types of debris.- Capship hulk no longer requires 3000m distance for sector jump.- Capship hulk is now dynamically colored to a random color.The additional physically-interactive debris, along with capship "hulks" is expected to help enable quite a bit of new content for the game, but we're still in the process of making everything functional. We do hope to have more extensive testing environments soon, as well as the addition of "physically-interactive" debris in all capship explosions. Yes, we are moving towards concepts like "salvage", but we still have some work to do to get there.Additionally, we have some major work on-going to improve the Mac and Windows versions, in advance of higher-profile releases on platforms like Steam. While the game does currently function on both platforms, the standards of the recent OS versions have changed enough to where it's realistically necessary for us to modernize and update the architecture of our game's installation and runtime.As a result, we're completely revamping aspects of the game's installation and functionality, beginning with the Mac version. The next Mac release will likely be a 64bit-only install that requires OS X 10.9 or newer, drops all legacy support for the PowerPC, and hopefully integrates much better with modern Mac desktop functionality (such as the "spaces" virtual desktop environment).This kind of development is not particularly "exciting" to announce, as it doesn't directly result in big gameplay changes. But, it should make the game more usable for people, and it will make it possible for us to ship the game to large-scale marketplaces where it would not otherwise be allowed. So, this makes the development highly worthwhile.Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!