twelve systems captured in providence offensive

reported by ISD Falstaff Labron | 2010.03.27 02:05:43

KBP7-G, Providence, Providence – In the past few days, Against All Authorities’ (commonly known as AAA) war against the Providence Holders has seen twelve systems captured from Sev3rance and Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL]. Sovereignty in the alliances’ former space has passed to AAA allies Sodalitas XX, Daisho Syndicate and Ushra’Khan (often called UK).

EvilPHish and Dany Danger of STEEL explained “It was expected of AAA to move swiftly and with full force. We had all systems jammed and all 307 moons occupied by control towers, so without setting up a staging [tower] they had to go for full force and take them all in one night… AAA had around 160 capitals, including Supercarrier and Titan-class vessels accompanied by between 300 and 400 conventional ships… They basically went from system to system dropping SBUs [and] reinforcing sovereignty structures as the SBUs went online.”

The STEEL sources said that this move was anticipated and preparations had already moved valuable assets out of harm’s way. “Even after they hit, we were still able to dismantle a large amount of towers… We basically only had towers and [fighting] ships in the Constellation.” According to evilPHish, these assets were moved to classified “backup systems” from which resistance will continue, with war declarations having been filed against the new Alliances entering the region – Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate.

EvilPHish considered the new entrants as somewhat inexperienced in nullsec activities. “They have shown extreme lack of tactics or knowledge. Many of their pilots were actually killed by warping to the cynosural fields we used to extract some towers. They were blindly warping to zero, something you should not do if you can’t be sure what waits for you once you exit warp. Their ‘spacetaking’ operations were lead by AAA so they are basically being ‘planted’… Until you live and breathe nullsec for a while you will be at a certain disadvantage. Let’s say it is already quite complicated getting your first ‘space’ and trying to understand all the [infrastructure] mechanics, timers… upgrades, station management, etc.

“Now if someone is constantly shooting at you it gets even harder and of course we try to use that to our advantage. It’s not like we were given a fair fight by AAA and it’s multitude of allies. We will return the favour. We spent 3 years in that space, we cultivated it and we built stations. I can’t imagine anyone just walking away after being driven from your home… We will stay here and fight for our stations until we get them back.”

Drakonido and FDXMadEva of Sev3rance commented that although there have been some noteworthy engagements, “The overwhelming power of the AAA block was nothing we could encounter head-on so in the end we lost the sovereignty over our systems but this was no surprise in the actual situation. The new Alliances entering this region need the backup of the big power blocs to be able to hold the sovereignty on their systems; this makes them vulnerable to attacks once the big blocs are out for big fights. It’s not that we want to take it back but there will for sure be people trying to take it and maybe we, who knows.” Asked to comment on eventual plans of adopting a more guerrilla warfare approach to the conflict, Drakonido commented “Guerilla warfare is an interesting kind of warfare… With the Black Op technology it can do a hell of damage without any warning ahead… We stand aside with our friends and fight our enemies, now without the limitations of having to care for space and its inhabitants.”

Sodalitas XX is one of the new alliances entering the region, currently with sovereignty over seven systems. Member Avernus said “We have friends [in AAA] that have done us a great favour. We were in the right place at the right time and knew the right people.” Avernus spoke about the operation to settle into their new systems. “It’s been a grind, which is to be fully expected. Now that the sovereignty issues are past us, we can focus on more enjoyable endeavours like killing the former residents. Amongst ourselves and our new neighbours Daisho Syndicate, with the aid of AAA and Atlas, as well as UK, we’ve taken on the simultaneous assault of 11 systems. It took a little while, but the numbers were very much in our favour.”

Avernus explained that for the moment, any neutrals entering the newly acquired constellation will find themselves engaged, but stated that his alliance is open to discussion regarding the future.

Daisho Syndicate is another new alliance to the region, currently holding sovereignty over four systems. Member Darth Sith described the offensive as a combined effort from AAA, Atlas, Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate in what is believed as “the largest hostile station offensive since [the sovereignty infrastructure upgrades], if not for as long as I can remember and not involving spies or effective opposition.” Eleven systems were reported as having been assaulted over a one day period and according to Darth Sith the operation involved 8 Titans, 30 Supercarriers and ‘various’ Carriers and Dreadnaught class vessels. He added that “Sodalitas XX and Daisho Syndicate are not renters but alliances with long histories with AAA leadership and were invited to join the campaign. Other areas of Providence will be rented by AAA but the two constellations held as part of this assault are not based on rental agreements and no isk exchanged hands.”

The Daisho Syndicate currently plans to reinforce the new areas and then begin the assault on the remainder of the region, continuing their assistance to AAA. Darth Sith said the likely duration of the conflict was “hard to estimate at this time as [the Providence Holders] maintain sovereignty on 30 + systems in Providence including dozens of stations, but based on the resistance to date we anticipate a number of these mass assaults to clean up most of the remainder in the coming weeks… This campaign has shown that given overwhelming firepower, no station systems are safe [after the infrastructure upgrades], gone are the days where an alliance could hide behind the protective umbrella of a Sovereignty 4 constellation. In addition it has shown the power of the new Super Capitals and a return of them to the front lines of any effective combat group.”