Closed PvP Arena

Dear Players,

We are very happy to announce that we have launched the closed PvP Arena. This is a pruned version of Perpetuum designated to debug and stress test the combat system of the game. Players will be able to create their avatars, buy robots and equipment and take part in intense PvP situations like deathmatches or the obligatory "last man standing".

We would like to conduct this phase in intensive cooperation with the player community, so for now the game is free of charge. However, we will not be able to let everyone into the game. We would like to avoid disappointing wide audiences, so we will heavily filter applicants based on their informatics and MMORPG backgrounds.

All features unrelated to the PvP experience have been disabled for now. All characters have the same extensions and they can not be further developed. The market is seeded with all necessary means of destruction on uniform prices, and all players will be granted the funds to access them. Of course once this phase completes, all funds, equipment and extensions will be reset, the only thing players will be able to keep are the character names.

We are very excited not only about the test results of the game, but also about forming of the Perpetuum community. Easy communication among and between the players and the developers will be made easy by our forums and a designated Teamspeak server. Of course all audiences will be continuously kept up to date via news, our blog and forum posts.

If you have decided to join the game at this point, please proceed to the registration menu! We will grant access based on the motivational letter field of the registration form. Empty or incomplete registration letters will be disregarded. In the meantime, we are focusing all our energy to making the game accessible to all of you!

Kills and losses will be persistently registered in the Arena, so it is always worthwhile to regularly check on the scoreboards!

See you on the battlefield!

The Perpetuum Team

Teaser video ►

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