Concept art timelapse

HD video here ( or the LD video on youtube ( . For more detailed explanations, you can check Stannum's thread on the forums here (index.php?option=com_smf Itemid=75 topic=9984.0) .

Argonaut renders

renders gallery (index.php?option=com_zoom Itemid=82 catid=9) . For more information about the model, you can check out the Argonaut thread (index.php?option=com_smf Itemid=75 topic=6631.160) on the contributions forum.

Musical spotlights

Some nice musical compositions were made since last week, so for a change musics will be the focus of today's spotlight. A first excellent piece is Mirrored's Infinity Explorer 6 (index.php?option=com_smf...

New website launched!

Welcome to the brand new Infinity website! There are still sections under construction, but we will try to complete them progressively in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to report...

Assault on SV5-8N

reported by ISD Magnus Balteus | 2008.07.26 18:56:15
On the evening of the 25th, Against ALL Authorities alliance engaged a mixed fleet including members of Paxton FederationCuratores Veritatis AllianceInterstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, and Sev3rance in SV5-8N. Reports indicate that as many as five -A- titans were involved.HED-GP is considered the beginning of the southern route from empire space into the regions of CatchStainEsoteria and Paragon Soul; any alliance holding the corridor can wreak havoc on supply lines for other alliances. With SV5-8N only one jump from HED-GP, -A- had decided that the presence of a Paxton Federationcontrol tower and possible jump bridge was too much of a threat to their supply lines. As one anonymous -A- pilot said “I don’t think it is in our best interests to allow a hostile group of this size to have a jump bridge near our logistics portal.”Bubbled GateAlthough Paxton owns the tower, several allies were called in to assist with the defense.



Steel Daggers