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Black Prophecy will be closing its doors

This past year-and-a-half has been filled with very bright spots as well as many hardships. It has been an honor to team up with the profound talent at Reakktor Media, and to have had the opportunity to bring a small bit of light to the space action genre. Along the way we’ve made many friends, as well as suffered the loss of a few very close ones. The Black Prophecy team put everything on the line for this title to succeed, working any and all angles to keep hope alive even after Reakktor had to shut its doors. Financial realities don’t always pause for effort though, which brings us to this point in time.


We hope you’ll enjoy Black Prophecy for the next four weeks with us, and work together to give it a fun and wonderful send-off. We will be planning some in-game fun and events over the next few weeks as we prepare to send this ship into the darkness of the universe. So long for now, and we wish you all a bright future.


The Black Prophecy Team